Colleges in Patna


Patna has number of colleges which offers degrees in undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses. Most of the colleges are either affiliated to Patna University or Magadh University. There are few autonomous colleges also, which provide degrees in professional courses. Many colleges in the city has colonial inheritance. Patna College, Science College, Women's College etc. belong to the colonial era and this is best reflected in their architectural buildings. Few colleges under Patna University are highly reputed and attracts student from entire state. Colleges under Magadh University are relatively younger compared to that of Patna University. Most of the colleges of Patna University are situate in Ashok Rajpath, along with the university offices. Whereas the colleges under Magadh University are scattered throughout the City and the office of the university lies in Gaya. While most of the colleges are Co-Ed, yet there are few colleges which are women's only, and some of them are very reputed.