Entertainment Places in Patna

Patna, a great historical city and fast emerging modern city, but a victim of ineffective and bad governance over the last five decades, is trying hard to catch up with the rest of he major cities in term of development. However, the things undone in half century needs some time to cover up. With the development, its sure that new destinations of hangs-out and entertainment will emerge, signs of which have started appearing. A very good mall, P & M Mall has came up in the Pataliputra area, which has branded retail stores and Cinepolis also. Many more mall are coming up in various parts of the city. There are few multiplexes where one can enjoy movie shows. The various entertainment opportunities in Patna are -

  • Multiplexes and Movies
    Enjoy marketing and movies in P & M Mall, or catch some movies in Mona Multiplex, Regent Cinema or Ashoka. Visit Vasundhara Metro Mall, Kameshwar Complex, Kulharia Complex etc. for marketing. Do not get disappointed if you happen to witness a Bhojpuri movie running in the theater. Give a try to the Bhojpuri flavor.
  • Marketing
    Visit high-end Maurya Lok Complex or Boring Road for marketing or catch the glimpse of traditional market at Hathua Market, Khetan Maket or Patna Market. For buying any handicraft household items, head for Gandhi Maidan. Wherever visited, one should always be prepare for bargaining.
  • Parks
    Visit some parks to get refreshed. A visit to Patna Botanical Garden or Eco Park or Buddha Smriti Park will definitely cheer you up. Parks like Patna Botanical garden is quite big and may take more than couple of hours to cover if you are prepared to walk thoroughly. Visit to Kumhrar Park will get you in touch with historical facts as well.
  • Ghats
    A visit to the banks of river Ganga can be wonderful. Gandhi Ghat offers trip on river Ganga on M V Ganga Vihar along with weekend Aartis. However one should be well informed about the ghat intended to be visited, as the conditions may not be good at all, except during the Chhath festival, when all the major ghats are renovated.
  • Funtasia Island Water Park
    Enjoy the water rides and other water amusement stuffs at the newly opened Funtasia Island amusement park. Though it is located at some distance from the City centre, yet one should explore it.
  • Diara Picnic Spot
    Enjoy the picnic at the Northern bank of the river Ganga. Check out with the organizers before venturing out. Preferably visit during the cool season to enjoy the sun shine at the beach.
  • Disc Man Discotheque
    Visit the Discotheque if you are planning for a perfect hangout with your partner. Dance on the tune and afterwards enjoy the food as well. Howver, singles may be disappointed due to its rule for couples only.
  • Eat-out
    Visit the various restaurants to enjoy the food of different tastes. Pind Balluchi, Basant Vihar, Kaveri etc. offers a variety of food. Do not forget to eat the local stuffs as well. Visit Maurya Lok Complex to enjoy some snacks like Golgappe, Chowmin etc.
  • Tourism
    Visit the various historical, religious and important places in Patna. The City has numerous places to cater choices of all personalities. One can choose from a long list of tourist places, however the conditions of the place depends on the season and other factors as well.
  • Travel Nearby
    If you want to venture out of City, visit the nearby places which attract tourists in thousands. Places like Bodhgaya, Nalanda, Rajgir, Vaishali etc. are worth visiting. Bodhgaya is the only UNESCO site in Bihar. Nalanda trying for it.