Ghats of Patna

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Patna is a historical city situated beside the holy bank of river Ganges. A number of ghats have developed over the course of time. Some ghats are new whereas most of the ghats are old, having some story behind it. In its entire length from east to west, numerous ghats are situated. Most of the ghats have temples situated nearby it.
A View at Gandhi Ghat
Gandhi ghat : This ghat is situated behind the NIT campus off the
Ashok Rajpath. The Ghat has been renovated recently and it has
quotation inscribed which reminds of the Mahatma Gandhi. During
weekend evening , Ganga Aarti takes place, which is attended by
lots of people. BSTDC is conducting the Aarti ceremony since 2011 on the pattern of Aarti at Varanashi and Haridwar. It was started to raise awareness about river pollution and increasing tourism. It is also the place from where Ganga Vihar on
M V Vihar boat starts and ends. A good restaurant called
Bhagirathi restaurant is also situated here. The area has sitting
facilities where one can sit and enjoy looking at the river. On the
wall beside NIT, the slogan of "Raghupati Raja Raghav Ram.. " is
beautifully inscribed on the ground in Hindi in bold fonts. Just opposite
to it, towards the river, a memorial is erected which bears "Hey Ram"
on the black floor. A visit during weekend can be entertaining.

Collectariat Ghat
: This is one of the famous ghat of Patna. Situated towards the Northern part of Gandhi Maidan, this ghat is frequented by many people. The Ghat becomes decorative during Chhath festival when hundreds of people come here for worship. During normal days, one can take bath in Ganga, however the area may not be clean.
Krishna Ghat
Krishna Ghat
: This Ghat is situated in between Patna College
and Science College. Staircase going down in the river has been
constructed for the people to bath in the river. This ghat offers
a very good view of the river Ganga and the other side of the
river. There is a small temple dedicated to Lord Krishna on the
ghat. At far distant, Mahatma Gandhi Setu bridge is visible
towards the west. This Ghat is quite popular among the student
from the adjoining colleges, who frequently visit the place to
enjoy the cool bridge from the river. During flood, the view from
this ghat is awesome with water flowing adjacent to it and as
far as one can see, only water is visible.

Guru Govind Singh Ghat :
This ghat is situated in the Patna City area, roughly 200 yards from Har Mandir Takht. It is popularly known as Kangan Ghat, where child Guru Govind Singh had thrown his gold bangles. This ghat is quite popular among the residents.
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