Shatabdi Memorial Park, Danapur

Shatabdi (Satabdi) Park or Centennial Memorial Park is a park at Saguna Mor near Danapur. It was opened in 2011 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the creation of the state of Bihar. The park is spread in an area of one acre and has been developed at a cost of Rs. 5 crore. The park was inaugurated by the CM, Nitish Kumar.

The park is well laid out. A big memorial sculpture is placed in the center to mark the Shatabdi celebration of the State creation. It is quite popular among the local people. The park is situated on the triangle area of the road crossing, hence traffic can be a problem.

The Satabdi Smarak  is one of the proposed stations on Corridor 1-A (East West Metro Corridor) of Patna Metro rail project in Phase 1.

S K Puri Children's Park, patna

S K Puri Children's park is a beautiful park which has been developed on the existing playground cum jogging park. It is situated on the Sahdeo Mahto Marg, in the Boring Road area , opposite to tall Yamuna apartment. It is being maintained by the municipal corporation. This is popular spot for the nearby residents and student.

This park has a long jogging track all around the park which is used by people of all age group. There are many tracks all around the park with beautiful lawns beside it. In one corner of the park, there are many tall trees present. The park is dotted with stone benches where one can sit and enjoy the surroundings. It has swings and slides also for children. Daily hundreds of people visit the park for jogging and relaxing with families. Being situated in the tuition hub of the City, many student visit the park in the evening. It is a bustling place during morning and evening. There is no entry charge for the park.

How to reach :

It is situated near to Boring road and Yamuna apartment. It is easily reachable by autos.

Distance :

Patna Junction : 5-6 km
Airport : 5-6 km
Mithapur Bus Stand : 10-11 km

Nearby Places :

None in particular. However, Boring road is a bustling high end market where one can do marketing.

Hardinge Park , Patna

Hardinge Park is located opposite to earlier Hardinge Park Bus Stand, beside General Post Office (GPO), not far from Patna Junction. It was built in 1931 to commemorate the the visit of Lord Hardinge. It is spread over an area of 25 acres. It was renamed as Kunwar Singh Azaadi Park after Independence. It has lush green campus, which several thick trees. One can relax here in serene environment.The park is well dotted with huge trees, which provide cool shades in the noon. There is jogging path also which is used by the early morning joggers.

The State government has came up with master plan to develop this park, situated in the heart of the City, on par with the International standard. The park is to have all the facilities of a modern park like parking lot, restaurants, food courts, kiosks etc.

How to reach :

Hardinge Park is situated near R-Block Chowk, on Veer Chand Patel Marg. Its opposite to earlier Hardinge Park Bus Stand. One can easily reach R-Block by autos.

Distance :

Patna Junction : ~1 km
Airport : 5-6 km
Mithapur Bus Stand : 6-7 km

Nearby Places :

Buddha Smriti Park : ~1 km
Patna Secretariat & State Assembly : ~ 1 km

Eco Park (Rajdhani Vatika), Patna

Eco Park (Rajdhani Vatika) Patna

Rajdhani Vatika or Eco Park is a beautiful park situated in the Punaichak area at Bailey road. It was inaugurated in October 2011. It is an initiative of Environment and Forest Department, Government of Bihar. It is
spread in an area of 5 hectare. The lush green campus has 1,445 meter of pathway, a children's corner and 1,191 meter jogging track. It has been developed as to ease the load on Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden.

The park is divided into two section. The first section where the entry gate is located, consists of open space for walking in beautifully carved landscape. It also consists of a Childrens' corner where a variety of swings and other things are located. There is no separate entry ticket for it. This section also consists of a small lake where Aqua Zorbing takes place. It is a sort of amusement activity whereby kids/persons are left inside a specially built big balloon in the lake. There is also a beautiful sculpture built by Subodh Gupta named as Cactus Smriti.  It is built using kitchen items like glass, spoons, bowls etc. Another design named as Raja Shailesh and built by Rajat Ghosh is equally eye-catching.

The second section of the park is connected to the first by an underground tunnel. The tunnel has circular ramp as well. The centre of the tunnel consists of several panels depicting the various aspect of Buddha's life. This section has a lake, where one can enjoy the boating ride. It consists of a variety of thematic forests and parks where different aspects of the ancient knowledge has been displayed. The astrology aspect has been well displayed. There is also a Nalanda Ruin Corner, which has been created as part of State Centenary celebration, to replicate the ruins of Great Nalanda University. It reminds the visitor of the greatness and grandeur of the ancient Bihar. The park consists of different kinds of flora which blooms in different seasons, giving a different hue to the park with the changing season.

The park is open from morning till evening. There is no charge for the early joggers till 8 AM. It is open till 10 PM. It remains open on all day except on Thursday. After 8 AM, visitor has to buy a ticket at nominal price of Rs 5. The park has also a cafeteria and couple of Sudha parlours where one can enjoy snacks. This park has been very popular among all age groups. The park is well maintained and well laid out. One should get time to visit this park. About 42000 people visited the park on the New year Day on Jan 1, 2015, marking it the most popular destination for the New Year celebration.


At a Glance (Rates as in November 2013)

  • Entry Ticket fee : Rs 5 (ticket applicable for child above 3 years) [Rs 20 on New Year Eve on Jan 1, 2015 ]
  • Ticket for Handicam Still camera : Rs 50 (mandatory, else fine if caught. Minimum fine Rs 100 plus Camera ticket fee)
  • Monthly Pass : Rs 60 per person/child above 3 years
  • Fee for video recording : Rs 2,000
  • Thursday off
  • Timing : 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (March to October)
  • Timing : 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (November to February)
  • No entry fee for joggers in the morning till opening time (5:00 AM to 8:00 AM)
  • Boating rates for 30 minutes : a) 2 seater - Rs 30   b) 4 seater - Rs 50. On Saturday and Sunday, the rates are for 20 minutes only
  • Aqua Zorbing rates : Kids below 12 years (up to 30 kg) - Rs 40 per kid, Kid above 12 years (up to 80 kg) - Rs 60 per kid/person

How to reach :

This is situated in Strand Road (or Netaji Subhas Marg) in Punaichak area, off the Bailey road. It is easily accessible by autos. If coming by shared autos, get down at Punaichak Circle, and ask someone about it. It is nearly 300 meter walking.

Distance :

Patna Junction ~ 4 km
Airport ~ 3 km 
Mithapur Bus Stand ~ 9-10 km

Nearby Places :

  • Patna Secretariat & State Assembly Building
  • Patna Zoo ~ 1 km

View Photos of Eco Park :  Rajdhani Vatika (Eco Park)

Shaheed Pir Ali Park, Patna

Pir Ali Park

Shaheed Pir Ali park is a beautiful park situated near the historic Gandhi Maidan. This park is dedicated to the martyr Pir Ali who had led the Patna uprising during 1857 War of Independence against the Britishers. He was later caught and hanged along with his fellowmen.

It is specially suited for the children. This small park lies in the North-Eastern part of the Gandhi Maidan, in front of Patna District Magistrate's official residence and the Gandhi Sangrahalaya. It is a fun park for children, beautifully set with nature themes. Many kinds of swings and slides are there. Set amidst the bustling traffic around Gandhi Maidan, this park provides a calm environment to the visitors. A small cafeteria is also situated inside the park. The ticket price is Rs 2 (in 2012). If the visitors gets tired by visiting Gandhi Sanghrahalaya or Science Museum, then its a  place to take rest and have snacks, before proceeding for next destination.This park is very popular among the families, because of its location, settings and the nominal ticket charge. It draws big rush on weekends. As this park is surrounded by busy traffic road all around, crossing road can be a trouble, as there is no zebra-crossing or signal to halt the traffic momentarily.

How to reach :

Being situated in the vicinity of Gandhi Maidan, it is easily accessible from any part of the City. Entrance gate is in front of DM's residence/St. Xavier's School.

Distance :

Patna Junction : 3 km
Airport : 8-9 km
Mithapur Bus Stand : 9-10 km

Nearby Places :

Many - like Science Center, Gandhi Sangrahalaya, Golghar, Gandhi Sangrahalaya, Gandhi Maidan etc.