S K Puri Children's Park, patna

S K Puri Children's park is a beautiful park which has been developed on the existing playground cum jogging park. It is situated on the Sahdeo Mahto Marg, in the Boring Road area , opposite to tall Yamuna apartment. It is being maintained by the municipal corporation. This is popular spot for the nearby residents and student.

This park has a long jogging track all around the park which is used by people of all age group. There are many tracks all around the park with beautiful lawns beside it. In one corner of the park, there are many tall trees present. The park is dotted with stone benches where one can sit and enjoy the surroundings. It has swings and slides also for children. Daily hundreds of people visit the park for jogging and relaxing with families. Being situated in the tuition hub of the City, many student visit the park in the evening. It is a bustling place during morning and evening. There is no entry charge for the park.

How to reach :

It is situated near to Boring road and Yamuna apartment. It is easily reachable by autos.

Distance :

Patna Junction : 5-6 km
Airport : 5-6 km
Mithapur Bus Stand : 10-11 km

Nearby Places :

None in particular. However, Boring road is a bustling high end market where one can do marketing.