Some more Tourist Destinations nearby Patna


The historic city of Patna is blessed with presence of so many historic and religious site within 200 km of its vicinity. Most of the destinations are in fact very near, less than 100 km of distance. Popular destinations like Bodhgaya, Vaishali, Rajgir etc are very famous, however, there are also other less known destinations or less popular destinations due to some reason or other, which are nearby to City only. These are historic sites as well as cultural sites. The ancient learning site of Vikramsila has a very significant place in the Indian history. The presence of Barabar Caves, near Gaya and Kesharia Stupa adds to the significance of the City. The Gangetic Dolphin area and Valmiki National Park can be a mass puller, if proper attention and maintenance is taken care of. The yoga city of Munghyr is also a known spot.

In short, there are numerous places surrounding Patna, which can suite to any one taste. We will try to consolidate and bring here all such destinations, which in long term, will be helpful to those who want to explore the surroundings of the City.