Barabar Caves, Gaya


Situated at a distance of about 75 km from Patna lies the oldest rock cut caves of India, named as Barabar Caves. Its history goes back to the times of Mauryan Empire (3rd BCE), when the caves were built for the ascetics of Ajivika sects. These caves are situated in the twin hills of Barabar and Nagarjuni. There are four caves in Barabar Hill - Lomas Rishi Cave, Sudama cave, Karan Chaupar cave and Visva Jhopari cave. Nagarjuni caves contains three caves - Gopi Cave, Bahayak cave and Vaidantika cave. These caves are carved on the monolithic granite rocks.

The other visiting places nearby is the temple of Baba Siddhanath and a museum. There are also small falls in the hills. One can also enjoy the boating facility.

How to reach :

Train is a good option for visiting the caves. The nearest railway station is Makhdumpur which lie ahead of Jehanabad on the Patna - Gaya rail route. The caves lie 10-11 km from the Makhdumpur station, which can be reached by autos.

Where to stay :

It is better to stay in Patna or Gaya, as the places does not have much accommodation facilities. All the places can be visited in a single day from Patna or Gaya.