Bailey Road to be traffic signal free


The frequent traffic jam at various crossing point on the Bailey road will now be a matter of past. State government in association with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi has drew ambitious plan of removing the traffic blockage altogether between Vidhyut Bhavan and Lalit Bhavan on Bailey road. The four traffic junction that dots in between the two Bhavans will be replaced by underpasses, flyovers and elevated roads. This will ensure traffic signal free drive in this section of the road. This project on the Bailey road will cost the state government a sum of 391.47 crore.

The four roundabouts - Lalit Bhavan roundabout, Punaichak, Hartali More and Boring road roundabout on Bailey road will have a combination of underpasses, flyovers, elevated sections and other related structures. The underpass will be 1.7 km long having a height of 6 meter. There will be several lane streets and through lane on either side of the passes. The project is scheduled to be completed before March, 2015.

Bailey road is the lifeline of the city which connects with several important areas and also with Danapur. It is also the most frequent rod used for reaching Patna Junction or Patna airport. Several important government building are situated on either side of the road. Traffic jams are frequent, especially during peak hours. During any protest, this road become the venue - bringing entire traffic to be routed through subsidiary roads. The timely completion of the project will provide a hassle free ride to the commuters on Bailey road.