New Year @ 2012

City welcomed New Year 2012 on a Drizzle Note

The City welcomed the arrival of New Year 2012 on a drizzling spirit. The intermittent rain and cloudy weather kept most of the people at home. The long awaited weekend celebration was virtually wiped off due to the bad weather, caused by the Cyclone Thane which hit the Eastern coast of the South India on Sunday. The pressure accumulated over the Bay of Bengal caused rain in most part of the Eastern and Southern India. The city wore a deserted look on a much happening day. Most of the people celebrated the coming year at home only.

The popular tourist spots also wore the deserted look. The Sanjay Gandhi Park, aka Zoo, which attracts thousands during new year eve, managed to get people in hundreds only. The other parks like Kumhrar Park, Kidwaipuri park, Hardinge park etc were nearly empty. The markets were also reported empty. Jay Prakash Narayan airport also could not operate even a single flight during the day, owing to the poor visibility.

However, the young generation was not bothered by the sudden turnaround of weather. They went on their plans and celebrated it with great fun. The loud Bollywood songs were easily audible, and the youngistan was dancing on the music.  The damp weather didn't stop the youngster to celebrate the new year on the Diara bank (Northern side) of the river Ganga. M V Ganga Vihar also operated number of times. People also flocked the temples of the city. Mahavir Mandir saw a good crowd today.

On this occasion, Governor and the Chief minister conveyed their wishes and message on New year to the people of the state. The city hopes a lot on the new year.

go4patna wishes best wishes for the New Year 2012.

May the New year brings a new era of development,|
peace and prosperity in the city.