2nd Anniversary of go4patna.com - A review


"If you cannot do great thing, do small things in great way" - Napoleon Hill, American author.

The above quotation has truly behoved our approach since we started our journey two years back with the objective of providing information on the various aspect of Patna, especially tourism aspect. It has been a long journey over comparatively short span of time. Two year ago, when we had launched the website on December 4, 2011, it barely had scores of articles, coupled with few technical glitches and indeed very few visitors. However, walking on the narrow path marred with the new challenges and threats, we have came across a long way, boasting of hundreds of articles and good number of visitors from all corners of the world. We are ready to go ahead further with the same enthusiasm and take new challenges in the coming year.

The time since the first anniversary (A Year of Celebration @ go4patna.com), there has been major shift in some of the trends concerning the website. The most delightful feature during last year has been the gradual increase in the northward curve of the number of visitors coming to the website - its more than 400% increase in absolute term !!! Not only we witnessed the gradual rise in the number of visitors, but also the increasing geographical reach of the website across all the continents of the world. While the last years review reflected the number of visitors around 15,000 across 61+ nations, this year the data goes upward at more than 65,000 visitors from 94+ countries. The monthly average of 5500 visitors is inspiring for a website which does not deal with the latest news contents. In fact on a single day in May, the counter clocked 4000+ visits !!! It is also true that we did not get the expected number of visitors in a couple of months. There are more than 330 articles as of now, related to the various aspect of the city and the adjoining tourist places. There are more than 100 pages which have received more than a thousand visit. The page on 'Funtasia Island Water Park' continue to receive the highest number of visitors. The visitors from India, as expected continue to lead with great margin as compared to any other country. The next countries are more or less within the same range. In last years assessment, we had mentioned about the absence of visitors from big countries like China, Brazil, Spain etc., however this year's list boasts of visitors from all these countries and many other countries also. Last year, the City of Joy, Kolkata had registered the highest number of visitors, which had surprised us. However, this year, Kolkata has registered at the third place, while Patna, long expected occupying the top slot followed by New Delhi.

There are number of inferences that can be drawn from the above stats. The most obvious is the number of people visiting the website from various parts of the world. This could reflect two things - either foreign tourists are visiting the website to get the required information they wish to get or a native of the city who has gone foreign and wishes to get the update about the city. Both aspects are strong as Bihar registers a high number of foreign tourists visiting the famous tourist sites of Bodh Gaya, Nalanda, Rajgir, Vaishali etc. and fests like Sonepur fair and various Mahotsavas, and a number of natives go to foreign for working.  We hope that they got the required information. We could also see growth on our social media page on Facebook.

This year, we launched a new blog on Patna. The reason for starting the blog was the limitation on the number of photos that we could post on the website page. Though, it was not a mandatory limitation, yet putting so many photos on the website page could have severely jeopardize the performance of the page.  We therefore thought it otherwise better to put the photographs on a separate blog where one can see the photos with ease. One could visit the blog, www.patnaphotogallery.blogspot.com to view the photos of various tourist places in Patna. It has been getting small but gradually increasing number of visitors. A number of sections were added to the website like Top Weekly News where one could get the top stories about Patna from various newspapers at one place.

This year, we also witnessed a threat in a new form - Plagiarism. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as 'the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own'. An increasing number of websites which provide some information about Patna has been found of copying contents from our website. While some has copy-pasted the entire content, some have manipulated it a bit to show it as their own. There are also few other who have mentioned the source name while taking the content and we appreciate their effort. The theft of the contents without mentioning the source name is on rise. These unethical debauch practices, which are violation of the copyright act needs to be condemned and handled properly. We truly support of free flow of internet content for the public use, however unethical approaches needs to be differentiated.

Overall, we can say that the year has been mixed one - some excitement, some challenges and some threats. We continue to provide the relevant information on various aspect of Patna and the tourism aspect of the adjoining areas. We take this opportunity to thank all the visitors who visit the website, and all the fans on social networking sites who give us confidence to move ahead. We are hopeful of a fruitful third year of its long journey. We wish to grow the same way with your support. Please send your feedback/suggestions/complains at JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING . We will definitely consider your mail.


[Dec 4, 2013]