Roads in Patna


The popular roads in Patna has retained the colonial era names, though most of them has been renamed to some Indian name. However, people prefer to use the imperial names only due to ease in pronouncing the already familiar names.  Road names like Bailey Road, Boring Road etc. are more popular by their colonial name than their renamed Indian name. Its important to know the roads and where they leads to, as the roads are more frequently used in local conversation than the area or colony name. The main roads in Patna are :

  • Fraser Road
    This is the road most frequently heard after coming out from the Patna Junction.  It connect Patna Junction to Gandhi Maidan - the two major hub in the City. It emerges in the South West Corner of Gandhi Maidan. It merges with Gandhi Maidan Road which takes a full circle of the Maidan. Fraser Road passes through Dak Bunglow Chowk, which is an important crossing in the City.
  • Bailey Road
    Though renamed as Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, this road is still widely known as Bailey Road. It connects Patna with Danapur. It roughly starts from Income Tax Golambar and ends in Danapur, running through the heart of the City. It is by far, the most important road in the City. Many important destinations like Patna High Court, Patna Women's College, Old Secretariat, Patna Zoo, Patna Airport etc. are situated beside or near to this road.
  • Exhibition Road
    This is another important road in Patna which passes through the commercial area of the City. It connects Gandhi Maidan with the Chiraiyatand Flyover. It runs in parallel to the Fraser Road, east to the Dak Bungalow Chowk.
  • Ashok Rajpath
    The reminiscent of the era gone by, Ashok Rajpath, which literally mean (King) Ashoka's Royal Road, connects Patna with Patna city. Starting roughly from Golghar, it run parallel to the river Ganges, and terminates at the Ganbhi Setu. It has several historical places either side of it, like Golghar, Gandhi Maidan, Christ Church, Kargil Chowk, Patna University including Patna college, Science college and other colleges, PMCH, NIT, Pathar Ki Masjid, Har Mandir Takht etc. It passes through one of the congested areas of the City where traffic at time can be very challenging.
  • Boring Road
    It passes through one of the well known commercial area of the City. Branching off from Bailey Road near Patna High Court, it passes through the busy traffic till Pani Tanki in a straight line. Heavy traffic is witnessed at Boring Road Chauraha.  One road from Chauraha, Boring Canal Road connects with Rajapul, while opposite to it, R R Diwakar Path connects with Bailey Road.
  • Beer Chand Patel Path
    This road has government offices, political party's offices and  hotels. It branches off from Income Tax Golamber and terminated at R-Block Golamber. Hotels like Chanakya, Pataliputra Ashok are situted in this road.
  • Kumhrar Road
    This is the main road passing through Kankarbagh area. It starts from Chiraiyantand Flyover descend and continues till Kumhrar.
  • Anne Marg
    This road is a VIP road where the residence of Chief Minister is located. It is the center of political news in the State.  It branches off from Dr. Sri Krishna Path at Dr. Rajendra Prasad statue. S K Path itself branches off from Bailey Road.