Premchand Rangshala

Premchand Rangshala Patna

Premchand Rangshala is the premier indoor auditorium in the City. It is one of the well known venue for theater artist in the State. It went under major renovation in 2011 and it was inaugurated with completely new view in 2012 by the CM, Nitish Kumar. It is a venue for host of cultural activities. It is situated in Rajendra Nagar.

The renovated auditorium is centrally air-conditioned and has capacity of 600 people. The interior is well decorated. The total cost accrued in renovation is Rs 5.91 Crore.Till 1974, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) had occupied the building. The government got the CRPF to vacate the building following sustained pressure applied by the city's art lovers and cultural activists. Since then, it has been an important place for the art lover to congregate and exchange the ideas. Anyone can hire it for holding any cultural event after making the necessary payment.