May I Help You Counters in Patna


Patna Police has opened 'May I Help You Counter' at several places in Patna to help citizen in case of any problem. Each counter is managed by an officer assisted by police personnel varying in number from 2 to 5. The counter will be active round the clock. In case of any complain, the team will get active and will start investigating the issue. Two such centers were opened previously at Gandhi Maidan and Patna Junction. Recently five more such counters has been inaugurated by City SSP, Manu Maharaj at various places to better control the law and order in the City. He also urged citizen to freely express their grievances at these counter and in case of non-compliance, contacting senior officials. The counters will also distribute Phone-Books containing phone number of important officials and the police  stations.

The various 'May I Help You Counter' in Patna are -

  • Patna Junction
  • Gandhi Maidan, near Kargil Chowk
  • Dinkar Golamber (roundabout)
  • Karbighahiya, beside Junction
  • Mithapur Bus Stand
  • Boring Road Chauraha
  • Rajapur Pul