Lifestyle of Patna

The lifestyle of Patna has evolved over centuries. Being an old city, it has inherited the characters of different periods. The people, the language, the culture, the festivals, the foods, the accent etc. shows the conglomeration of the different race, sects, religion etc.

  • People & Culture
    The population of Patna consists of People coming from different parts of the State. The culture that has evolved over the centuries reflects the mixing of different traditions. The City has a secular environment, and people of all religion live in harmony.
  • Festivals of Patna
    Patna is blessed with numerous festivals throughout the year. Almost all the major festivals at national level are celebrated here, beside many regional festivals throughout the year. The last quarter of the year is especially occupied with number of big festivals.
  • Climate of Patna
    The climate of Patna is characterized with three distinct season as happen in Monsoon land.  The Summer is hot and windy, Winter is cold and Monsoon season is rainy with dry spells.
  • Geography of Patna
    Patna is situated on the Southern bank of the river Ganges. It lies in the fertile alluvial plain of the Eastern India. The average altitude is 53 meter and is quite uniform.