Geography of Patna


Patna is situated on the Southern bank of river Ganges in the Eastern part of the Indo-Gangetic plain which is characterized with the presence of highly fertile alluvial soil. It is situated on the converge of three rivers- the Ganges, Sone and Punpun, each coming from the East, South and North direction respectively. Not far away is the converge of Ghaghra and Gandak river into the Ganga, making the area as one of the largest riverine of the world. The width of river Ganges stretches from 4-6 km at Patna.

Patna is situated on Latitude 25.35° N and Longitude 85.12º E. The average altitude of the area is 53 meter at MSL(Mean Sea Level) and land is plain with no hills around it. The length of the city is approximately 25 km from East to West and 10-12 km from North to South. The city receives good rainfall every year, approximately 120 cm, mostly in the rainy season when monsoon strike the plain. Situated deep in the mainland and far away from the moderating effect of the ocean, Patna experiences extreme of temperature. The summer temperature reaches up to 42-43º C occasionally, whereas the winter temperature may fall to 6º C. The highest temperature recorded is 46.6º C in 1966 and lowest recorded temperature is 1.1º C on January 09, 2013.

The land is very fertile owing to the alluvial soil and the proximity to the rivers. A number of crops, including cash crops are gown here. However the area is devoid of any forest cover. The vast stretches of land in the river Ganges, which grows due to the deposition of soil year by year, called 'Diara' in local language is highly fertile piece of land.

Facts at a Glance

  • Location co-ordinates : 25.35° N 85.12° E
  • Average altitude : 53 m (174 ft) at MSL
  • Average rainfall : 120 cm