Departments of Patna Municipal Corporation

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Patna Municipal Corporation has nine distinct department which covers all the aspect of city - related to development, maintenance and sanitation. It also deals with the revenue collection, legal case and financial aspects. The nine departments are :

Engineering Dept : This department is entrusted with the overall infrastructure development of the Corporation, related to road development, water supply system, sewage system, public amenity buildings, construction and maintenance of government quarters to name a few. An executive of the cadre of Chief Engineer is responsible for this department.

Revenue Dept : This department is responsible for the collection of revenues and imposing levy taxes over a number of items. The Corporation gets revenue from property tax on land and buildings, water tax, tax on advertisement, toll tax, entertainment tax, tax on electricity consumption and host of other taxes.

Urban Planning Dept : This department's main work is to suggest the Corporation on the proper planning of the area, through a Master Plan on a periodic basis. The newly added area has also to be incorporated in the planning. State Government and PMC has taken many initiatives in recent times jointly so as to foster the growth of the City.

Water Supply Dept : This department is responsible for smooth water supply in the area. The department has deep pumps in several parts of the city to supply the water in the area. During summer, the department sends water tanks to the water scarcity areas within the corporation. It is also responsible for drawing and implementation of long term plan anticipating the future growth of the area.

Education Dept : This department is responsible for the eradication of Urban illiteracy within the area. It takes up educational project under the State government and implements them in Literacy backward area.

Health & Sanitation Dept : The two departments are entrusted with the work of providing proper health care facility and maintaining sanity of the area. Health dept takes initiatives in controlling the spread of communicable diseases, food hygiene, promoting state & central government health schemes and host of other activities. Sanitation department works is to keep the city and its roads clean and free of garbage.

Finance & Accounts Dept : This departments maintains the records of income and expenditure of the Corporation. it also prepare estimates for the grants for primary education, slum improvement, and others from the State Government. Scrutinizing the monetary bills also comes under its preview.

Legal Dept : This department, as name suggests, deals with legal formalities arising for or against the corporation. It also looks into the preparation of agreements, lease, memorandum etc.

Estate Dept : This department deals with the lease/renewal of Corporation plots,  levy and recovery of rents and other estate related activities pertaining to the Corporation.


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