Patna Wards

Patna Wards

The Patna Municipal Corporation is divided into 72 wards, which is managed through 4 Circles. Each Circle is administered by an Executive officer who is deputed by the State Government. Each Circle has Assistant Health officer to view the sanitation work. The Circles are :

  • New Capital Circle
  • Kankarbagh Circle
  • Bankipore Circle
  • Patna City Circle

New Capital Circle : The Circle comprises of 29 Wards, Ward number 1-28 and Ward number 37 falls inside it. It is the largest circle among all. The important Wards in this Circle covers Bailey Road area, Boring road area, Khajpura area, Kurji area, Rajiv Nagar area, Station area, Gandhi Maidan area etc.

Kankarbagh Circle : The Circle covers 11 Wards, ward number being 29-35, 44-46 and 55. The main areas covered under this circle are New ByPass road area, Kankarbagh road area, Chirayyar railways bridge area, Gandhi setu road area and Saidpur area.

Bankipore Circle : The Circle covers 12 Wards, ward number being 36-43 and 47-51. The main areas covered under this circle are Ashok Rajpath area, Saidpur main drain area, Bakerganj area, Gandhi Ghat area and Bari path area.

Patna City : The Circle covers 20 Wards, ward number from 52-72. The main areas covered are Gaighat area, Dundi Bazar area, Mahatma Gandhi Setu road area, New Bypass road area, Patna Ghat and Maal Godam.


Click here to know the result of 2012 Patna Municipal Corporation Election and the ward Councillors.

The details of each ward is as follow :

Ward 01 :
North - River Ganga
South - Northern corner of Rajiv Nagar Road, Northern edge of Rajiv Nagar to Road No 25, Northern part of Khajpura Mauja 
East - Patna-Digha Railway line
West - Patna Sone Canal

Ward 02 :
North -  Northern part of Khajpura Mauja and Rukunpura Mauja
South - Belly Road
East : Kurji Canal (Ashiana Canal)
West - Main current of Patna Sone Canal

Ward 03 :
North - Belly Road
South - Police Station no - 51 , border of Saidpura and Phulwari
East - Jagdev Path
West - Main current of Patna Sone Canal

Ward 04 :
North - Belly Road
SOuth - Khagaul Railway Line
East - Raiding road, Airport Canal
West - East border of Jagdev Path

Ward 05 :
North - Kurji Nala 
South - Belly Road
East - Sheikhpura Bindhtoli road, Western part of A G Colony road Shashtrinagar
West - Kurji Nala ( Ashiana Digha Road)

Ward 06 :
North - Northern border of Rajiv Nagar road,
South - Kurji Nala
East - Kurji Nala
West - Road to Digha from Belly road

Ward 07 :
North - Northern edge of Rajiv Nagar road
South - Baba Chowk to Ravi Chowk to Patel Nagar road
East - Patna - Digha railway line
West - Kurji Nala, western part of Gokul path

Ward 08 :
North - Path Nirman Vibhag, Rajbanshi Nagar State Bank to Guest House( Patel Nagar Telephone exchange), Ravi Chowk to Baba    Chowk 
South - Jawahar Lal Nehru path
East - Lalit Bhavan, 80 Adhikari awas, Gokul path
west - Sheikhpura Bindhtoli, Eastern road of Dharmashakla, A G Colony main road

Ward 09 :
North - Jawaharlal Nehru Path
South - Khagaul Railway line
East - Digha Railway Line
West - Airport Nala, Raiding path

Ward 10 :
North - Railway Line
South - Khagaul Road (part)
East - Gardanibagh Gumti No -15
west - Last border of Paharpur Mauja

Ward 11 :
North - Canal
South - Last border of Mauja Beur and Chitkohra Mauja
East - East border of Mauja Chitkohra
West - East border of Phulwari Police Station No - 35

Ward 12 :
North - Khagaul Road
South - By Pass N.H. 30
East - Vishnupuri Road
West - By pass N.H. 30

Ward 13 :
North - Ambedkar Chowk to South part of Gardanibagh Road 10
South - New By Pass road
East - PanchMandir New Alka Colony Sanjay Chowk to Eastern New Alkapuri Bust stop road
West - Vishnupuri road

Ward 14 :
North - Gardanibagh Road No. 10
South - New By Pass road
East - Saristabad Road , Gardanibagh Road No. 5
West - Panch Mandir New Alka Colony to Sanjay Chowk to Eastern New Alkapur bus stop

Ward 15 :
North - Railway Line (part), Khagaul Road (part)
South - Gardanibagh Road No. 10 , South Kacchi Talab road, D V C Road
East - Jakkanpur road (part), Gandhi Path, Gardanibagh Gumti No. 01
West -  Gardanibagh Road No. 21, Gardanibagh Gumti No. 15

Ward 16 :
North - D V C Road, Kacchi Talab Road
South - New By Pass Road
East - Jakkanpur road (part), Janta road
West - Eastern Saristabad road

Ward 17 :
North - New Purandar road, Pawergrid House (south) to Tin Pulwa
South - New By Pass Road
East - Patna-Gaya railway line
West - Janta road

Ward 18 :
North - Brahmadev Bhavan road
South - New Purandarpur road, Jakkanpur Poewer grid (south) to Tin Pulwa
East - Patna-Gaya  railway line
West - Jakkanpur road

Ward 19 :
North - Railway line
South - Brahmadev Bhavan road
East - Gaya Gumti Railway line
West - Gandhi Path, Eastern Sachiwalay Halt

Ward 20 :
North - Patna Digha railway line
South - Belly road, Lalit Bhavan, Path Nirman Vibhag, Rajvanshi Nagar, State Bank road
East - Belly road
West - Patel Nagar Board colony guest house, Patel Nagar Gandhi Murti, Patel Nagar No 01

Ward 21 :
North : Belly road, Boring road
South : Railway Line and Boring road
East : Mithanpur Railway gumti, Buddha Mark, Belly road
West : Digha railway line and Pani Tanki

Ward 22 :
North - River Ganga 
South - Railway Line and Boring road
East - Anandpuri , Himgiri apartment
West - Pataliputra Mainpura border

Ward 23 :
North - Himgiri Apartment
South - Boring road
East - Boring road chauraha, Canal road
West - Anandpuri, Himgiri Apartment

Ward 24 :
North - River Ganga
South - Chakaram Devi sthan to Panchmukhi Mandir Boring Canal road
East - Chakaram Devi Sthan to Buddha Colny Thana
West - Eastern Boring Canal Road

Ward 25 :
North - River Ganga
South - Frazer road, Dak Bunglow road, Sinha Library road (part), Ashok Rajpath, South Gandhi Maidan
East - Eatern Kotwali Thana, Frazer road, Eatern Gandhi Maidan, Bakarganj Nala
West - Mandiri Nala

Ward 26 :
North - River Ganga
South - Belly Road
East - Mandiri Nala
West - Kidwaipuri, Chakaram road Devi Sthan to Pahalwan Ghat via Buddha Colony Thana

Ward 27 :
North - River Ganga
South - Belly Road, Sinha Library part, Noth Gandhi Maidan
East - West Gandhi Maidan, Frazer road, Anta Ghat nala
West - Mandiri Nala

Ward 28 :
North - Sinha Library road, South Gandhi Maidan, Salimpura Ahra Gali No. 1(part)
South - Patna Junction Railway Line
East - Exhibition road, Lalit Mohan Ghosh Lane
West - Frazer road, Buddha Marg road

Ward 29 :
North - Railway Line, Old By Pass road
South - New By Pass road, Ram Nagar road, Chiraiyantad High School road, Chitragupt Path
East - Chandmari road (part), Chiraiyantad road (part), Vigrahapur road
West - Patna Gaya railway line

Ward 30 :
North - New By Pass Road, Ram Nagar road, Sanjay Nagar road 
South - North border of Pakdi Thana, Sipara, South border of Jaganpura Mauja
East - L P Shahi College road, Navratanpur Road, New Bengali Tola Road
West - Krishi road, South border of Chitkohra Mauja

Ward 31 :
North - Ram Nagar road, Chiraiyantad high School road, Chitragupt road 
South - South border of Jaganpura village, Sanjay Nagar road
East - Chandmari road (part), Kankarbagh road 01 (part), Ram Lakhan path, Mahavir Path Mahavir Sthan Jaganpura
West -  Chiraiyantad road (part), New Bengali Tola road, NavRatanpur road, L P Shahi Collge

Ward 32 :
North - Dwarka College, Ashok Nagar road, R M S Colony 
South - Last border of Nagar Nigam
East - Eastern Indira Nagar road, R M S road, Eastern road adjoing Patna Central School 
West - Ramlakhan Path, Ashok Nagar road -8, Mahavir Sthan Jaganpura road

Ward 33 :
North - Kankarbagh Road -04
South - New By Pass road, Eastern Ashok Nagar
East - Eastern road of S K Colony, Eastern Kailapuri road, western Gas godown road of M I G  colony 
West - R M S Colony road , western road of D and J sector

Ward 34 :
North -  Kankarbagh road 02
South - Kankarbagh road 04, East Ashok Nagar to Dwarka College path
East - Kankarbagh road 03
West - Kankarbagh road 01, Ashok Nagar road 08

Ward 35 :
North - Railway line 
South - Ramgovind path, Kankarbagh road 02
East - Kankarbagh road 01 (part), Rajendra Nagar Upri pul
West - Chiraiyantad Railway bridge, Chandmari road

Ward 36 :
North - Rajendra Path, Prithviraj Path
South - Railway Line
East - Pirmuhani road, Arya Kumar road, Rajendra Nagar
West - Chiraiyantad railway upri pul

Ward 37 :
North - North Gandhi Maidan road, River Ganga
South - South Gandhi Maidan Road, Dwarikanath Salimpur Ahra Gali No. 01
East - Bakarganj Bajaja road, Daldali road
West - Bakarganj Nala, Western Gandhi Maidan Exhibition road, Lalit Mohan Ghosh Lane

Ward 38 :
North - Baripath
South - Prithviraj Road
East - Congress Maidan road, Dariyapur Mathi road
West - Western edge of Daldali road, Pirmuhani road

Ward 39 :
North - River Ganga
South - Bari Path
East - Eastern border of Mahendru Ghat road, Old Coffee road, Birla Mandir Road
West - Convent road, Bakarganj Bajaja road

Ward 40 :
North - River Ganga, Ashok Rajpath
South - Mohar Tola Lane, Bari Path
East - P M C H main road, road till Mishri Ghat 
West - Old Coffee House road beside Patna Dental College, Birla Mandir road, Dariyapur Mathi road

Ward 41 :
North - River Ganga, Ashok Rajpath
South - Bari Path
East - Gandhi Ghat road, Bari Path 
West - Bihari Sav Lane, P M C H gate to Mishri Ghat road

Ward 42 :
North - Bari Path 
South - RamKrishna Avenue road
East - Saidpur road
West - Dariyapur Gola road, Mohar Tola, Sishi Botal wali Gali

Ward 43 :
North - Ramkrishna Avenue road, Bazaar Samiti road
South - Railway Line, PritviRaj road
East - PremChand Marg, Eastern road adjoining Rajkiya Vidhyala Rajendra Nagar to Bahadurpur Gumti 
West - Congress Maidan

Ward 44 :
North - Patna Fatua Railway line
South - South border of Khemanichak
East - yogipur main road, Hanuman Nagar road N H 30 to Chaturi Nagar road
West - Colony road, Eastern road of Patna Central School

Ward 45 :
North - Railway Line
South - Yogipur Nala, New By Pass road
East - Gandhi Nagar road, road going to Saketpuri
West - Bahadurpur Gumti,Yogipur road, Hanuman Nagar road

Ward 46 :
North - Railway Line, North border of sector 3, Bhagwat Milan Mandir road
South - Northern border of Kachuara mauja
East - Bhootnath road, road to New By Pass road via Bhagwat Milan Market road
West - Gandhi Nagar road, Housing Colony 60 L road, Chaturi Nagar road

Ward 47 :
North - Saidpur Main Drain
South - Railway Line
East - Sanichara Sthan Kumharar road
West - Road behind Rampur gram, Dhobi Ghat to Rampur road

Ward 48 :
North - Bari Path , Ashok Rajpath
South - Bazaar Samity road
East - Mahendru, Chai Tola road, Loharwa Gali, Dhobi Ghat Rampur 
West - Bari Path, Saidpur road, Stadium road

Ward 49 :
North - River Ganga
South - Tikiya Toli Lane, Kasai Wada Lane, Shahganj School
East - Ghata Ghat road, Mahammadpur road
West - Gandhi Ghat road, Mahendru Chai Tola to road

Ward 50 :
North - Ashok Rajpath, Kasai wada, Gautam Buddha Tikiya Toli
South - Saidpur Main Drain
East - Dargah road infront of Tekari road
West - Mahammadour Lane, Shahganj Lane,Tikiya Toli Lane,Loharwa Gali

Ward 51 :
North - River Ganga
South - Ashok Rajpath, Dargah road Allah wakspur road
East - Betiyat House road, Math Lakshamanpur road
West - Ghagha road, Dargah road infront of Tekari road

Ward 52 :
North - River Ganga
South - Ashok Rajpath
East - Gaighat road
West - Betiya House road

Ward 53 :
North - Ashok Rajpath, River Ganga
South - Idgah road, Shershah road
East - Badarghat road,south Gaighat road
West - Nanhmuniya Chauraha to Sheshah Path

Ward 54 :
North - Shershah Path
South - Railway Line
East - Gaighat road, Gandhi Setu road
West - Math Lakshmanpur road

Ward 55 :
North - Railway Line
South - South border of Mauja Jhali, South border of Jakriyapur road
East - Gandhi Setu road
West - Bhootnath road to Panchwati Nagar from Daud Bigha

Ward 56 :
North - Sharshah Path, Railway Line
South - Mauja Jhali, Jakriyapur, South border of Pahadi Ranipur
East - Jalla road, NMCH road, South border of Pahadi Ranipur
West - Mahatma Gandhi Setu road, Eastern border of Mauja Ashochak

Ward 57 :
North - Shershah road, Jalla road, Ashok Rajpath
South - Railway line
East - Party Gali
West - Mina bazaar, Jalla road,NMCH road, Agamkuan Gumti

Ward 58 :
North - River Ganga, South border of Idgah road
South - Shershah Path
East - Ghasiyari Gali Naujar Ghat road
West - Badarghat road,South Gaighat lane

Ward 59 :
North - River Ganga
South - Ashok Rajpath
East - Neemghar road, Pani Tanki road
West - Ghasiyari Gali Naujar ghat road

Ward 60 :
North - Ashok Rajpath, Pakki Goraiya Galli
South - Mugalpura
East - sadar Gali, Masuk Ali road
West - Party Gali

Ward 61 :
North - Railway Line
South - New By Pass road
East - ranipur Purab, Begumpur Kachcha Nala
West - Kachcha Nala east of Niranjanpur

Ward 62 :
North - road behind Patna City School
South - South border of Mauja Ranipur and Chabalpura
East - Guru Bal Lila Gali to South Ramdhani Tiwari lane to Ganga Baluki Toli More
West - South of Dhundhi bazaar, Mahavir Engineering More

Ward 63 :
North - S M Raja Street, Mugalpura road Party Gali tak
South - Railway line
East - South of Dundhi bazaar
West - Party Gali

Ward 64 :
North - Road connecting Mauja Gali to Sadar Gali via Marwari colony
South - S M Raja Street
East - Western gate Nala of Mangal Talab to south gate of south Mangal Tala b
West - sadar Gali

Ward 65 :
North - River Ganga,Ashok Rajpath
South - Pakki Gauraiya Gali, Mauri Gali
East - Mauri Gali, Ashok Rajpath to Sadargali, Kesharai Ghat
West - Masuk Gali road, Nim ghat road, Pani Tanki

Ward 66 :
North - River Ganga
South - Mangal Talab Main gate to East Dira road
East - Ganga Baluki Devi to Haziganj road Cham Dori Kachchi Ghat road
West - Kesho Roy Ghat, Maura Gali, Kathautiya Gali

Ward 67 :
North - River Ganga
South - Main Railway Line
East - Purbi Chota Nala,Muchi road, south of Ashok Rajpath
West - Maal Godam to Vivekanand Colony road to Sadho Ram, Lal Imli More, Ganga baluki More

Ward 68 :
North - Fatua railway line
South - Border of Patna Municipal Corporation,South of N H 30
East - Latifa Ganj Treching ground road
West - Straight from Nagar road to Sati Chaura road N H 30 via Mandai Chauraha till PMC border

Ward 69 :
North - River Ganga
South - Patna Ghat Railway Line
East - patna Ghat Railway Line
West - Eastern City More Nala, From South of Ashok Rajpath to Mathani Tal Pul Railway Line

Ward 70 :
North - River Ganga
South - Fatua railway line
East - Nuruddin Ganj ghat road, Chutakiya bazaar, Yamunapur railway line
West - Patna Ghat railway line

Ward 71 :
North - River Ganga
South - Fatua railway line
East - Eastern corner from Sarifaganj Ghar road, Eastern corner of Guru Ka bagh road
West - Baruddin Ghat road, Chutakiya bazaar, Yamunapur  railway line

Ward 72 :
North - River Ganga
South - Border of Patna Municipal Corporation
East - Border of Patna Municipal Corporation
West - Eastern corner from Sarifaganj Ghat road, Eastern corner from Ashok Rajpath


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