Fragrance of the land

Fragrance means 'a pleasant, sweet smell ' . A smell which everyone aspires for. A smell whose scent  has made great difference to the cause of the City in particular, State in general and Nation as a whole. Some scent arising from the land has crossed the boundaries of the Nations, whereas some scents has invoked the thoughts of the citizens. However, each has contributed significantly for the cause of its existence.

Every city has its own story and its own fragrance.  Fragrance of success, fragrance of extraordinary achievement, fragrance of living legendary and above all the fragrance of the soul of the city. Patna, being an old city has always been emitting pleasant  memoirs of history and culture of past two millennium. However, keeping the history aside, we have many things at present which are not even remembered in our day to day life, however their contribution can neither be ignored by anyone.

As a result, this attempt of us is meant for bringing out such contribution to the people. Some may be well known, while some may be unheard of, but their contribution has been phenomenal in the City's sphere. Deciding which fragrance should appear first , was a tough one. However, we found that "Tarumitra" is the right choice due to its student based environment movement, which has been active since 1988 and its contribution to the society. Patna is a major hub of education and any movement involving student is sure to succeed, especially when its dedicated to a noble cause.