Super 30 batch - Amazing success story at Patna

Super 30 - it is a story of amazing success in an impoverished land, an initiative applauded at the international level, startling facts for the countrymen and a destination aspired by most of student now. In its 11 years of establishment, it has left an indelible mark on student because of its success story. A batch which consists of student from impoverished families has shown that talent is not the assets of rich only. To crack an examination, which is considered toughest in the country, by an overwhelming number by this batch, has been highly appreciated by the Nation.

It was in 2002 when Anand Kumar, the Mathematician wizard, who established a Mathematics Club called 'Ramanujam School of Mathematics' in 1992 to show his love for the subject, came up with a noble idea. In his 10 years of experience with student, he found that many meritorious student belonging to poor families could not crack IIT JEE because of its requirement of a true dedication, which student from poor families could not do. IIT JEE, which is an examination to get entrance into elite IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) for engineering, is considered as the toughest exam for Engineering in India where close to half a million student compete for less that 10,000 seats, more that half of the seats has been added in recent couple of years. This lead to the foundation of first Super 30 batch in 2002. Student were from poor families whose parents were from economically backward section of the society like farmer, peon, driver, road side vendor etc. The 30 student were given proper coaching and free accommodation facility for the entire year. No one knew at that time that this batch and the subsequent batches are going to create an unparallel feat in the JEE history.

When the result of JEE were announced in 2003, surprisingly 18 student has made it to. It instantly drew attention from student, parents and media in this JEE savvy land. The result went on becoming brighter in the coming year. 22 student in 2004, 26 student in 2005, 28 student in 2006 and 28 student  in 2007 qualified the JEE from the Super 30 batch. The nation by this time was already knowing the marvels of batch. However, the golden moment came in 2008, when all 30 student made it to JEE, getting 100% success and creating a ripple in the country. The national media was no less far in picking up this emotional and unparallel success story in the heartland of a impoverished state. But there was more in the future. In 2009 and 2010, it again did the same, 100% successes in both the years, creating a hatric of amazing performance. The three 100% success was taken up by the International media as well. Top newspapers published about Super 30 success. A series of awards by the International Institution and Government followed. 24 student in 2011 and 27 student in 2012 cracked the JEE. In 11 years, 291 student out of 330, belonging to diverse family background, cracked the toughest exam of the country. The details are:

  • 2003 : 18
  • 2004 : 22
  • 2005 : 26
  • 2006 : 28
  • 2007 : 28
  • 2008 : 30
  • 2009 : 30
  • 2010 : 30
  • 2011 : 24
  • 2012 : 27
    2013 : 28

Anand Kumar and Super 30 received several recognition from the International Society. Some are as follow:

  • Anand was appreciated by the government of British Columbia (Canada) at Vancouver in a grand function in 2012.
  • He was felicitated by China International Radio in 2012
  • He was felicitated by THINK INDIA 2012 conference
  • Invited as speaker at the Education Summit by India Today at Delhi in 2012
  • Addressed Wiki Conference at Mumbai in 2011
  • He delivered a lecture at "World Innovation Summit for Education" at Doha, Qatar in 2011
  • He was honored by Bihar Government in 2010

The list of awards and felicitation goes on. Anand has been invited to many education summits across globe and has met several noted personalities. He was included as one of the top 20 pioneering teachers of the world by Monocle, a premier magazine published from England. The success story has also found mention in a book published in Japan.

The entrance to Super 30 is done by an entrance exam conducted at various center during the month of May. Best 30 from the result are included in the Super 30 batch for the next year JEE. For 2013 batch, the exam date is on 31st May, 2012 in Patna. This time, exams are being held in other states also whose date is different.

Super 30 is that fragrance which has crossed the boundaries has found wide-spread acceptance. Its contribution to the society is great. It has helped the city to established itself as the center for competitive examination preparation. The name "Super 30" is known by all and is a true attribute to the effort of Anand Kumar. May it grow with the same zeal in the coming years also.