News of Patna

This section deals with the many activities that keeps happening in the City. An emerging city is always marked with the lot of activities that keeps taking place in the City. It includes new initiatives as well as events of national or international level that takes place.

  • Whtzz up in the City !!!
    'Whtzz up in the City !!!' gives an insight into the main activities that the City is busy with. It includes the various moods of the City as well as any news of high importance. However, being a non-news channel, it does not cover the day-to-day events taking place in the City.
  • Main Patna - Meri Awaz Suno
    Main Patna - Meri Awaz Suno is a personification of the City itself. It speaks about the various concurrent issues that is affecting the City and its people.
  • Side Angle
    It takes a view of the various happenings related to the overall aspect of the City and beyond.  The view may be related to the problems facing the City, or the developmental activities taking place in the City and such.