Children's park vs S K Puri park

Let me make it clear in the beginning itself that both the park names refer to the same park. Its only the difference of generation by whom this park is referred. This park is situated beside Sahdeo Mahto Marg in the Boring road area. The park as it is called today 'S K Puri park' is quite different from the park which was famed as 'Children's park' few years back.

First come to once Children's park. As the name suggests, the park was meant for children, though there was nothing as park. There was a big open playground encircled by concrete pavements for the morning walkers. There were enough trees in one corner of the ground. Also in one section of the park, there was a small area where elder people used to sit and do morning exercises. It was made in such a way that the playground noises or disturbances were minimal. Children from nearby as well as far away area used to come here for playing games like cricket, football and badminton in the playground. It used to be wonderful view seeing so many children playing and enjoying in the field whereas elder taking rest in the benches beside pavement.  During weekend, it was always full with the teams of cricket. It was children's park in true sense.

Now coming to the upgraded S K Puri park. It has completely changed the landscape of earlier Children's park. The big playground has been covered with land and many concrete pavements criss-cross the playground. Benches has been placed beside the pavement. Few swings are also installed. Most of the tall tress has been felled down and a concrete pavement crosses between the remaining trees. There are fewer children to be seen here now. Playing cricket is not possible because of the concrete pavements. The majority of the park visitors now consists of old age people, middle aged house-wives and young pairs from nearby institutes. Overall, the view is quite adorable during evening seeing the family gatherings sitting together on the green ground.

But my question is- have we done it right or wrong ? In order to provide more facilty to the elders, haven't we taken the joy of children who use to play there ? Children do come here also but they can not play the game. If we take away the playfulness of the children then its going to have great effect on the society at the later stage. In earlier Children park, there were facility for all type of people, but in the newer version, it looks like Childrens have been left out. I ask, if as a society we believe that this is good then aren't we going in the wrong direction ? When the playing space was constantly being reduced in the area due to new apartment constructions, it was important that the originality of the park needed to be maintained for the generations to come. Alas !!! we have failed. We have sacrificed the playfulness of children for the sake of older generations. Generations to come will not believe that there used to be a playground at this place where children from distant places used to come and play.