Restoration work of Golghar and Others

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has been roped in for the restoration work of Golghar, situated near Gandhi Maidan. The 18th Century structure, built in 1780, was originally built as a granary after the great famine, however it was never put in practical use. The structure lie in dilapidated situation, with encroachment and lack of amenities fostering its problem. The restoration work for the campus was taken by the government last year and is under development.

The 12th Finance commission has provided a sum of 1.38 crore for the restoration purpose. The information was provided by the minister of art, culture and youth affair in the state assembly. He said that the circular steps leading to the top will also be repaired by the ASI. Minister said that the ASI has the expertise to repair and conserve heritage sites so Golghar is in safe hands and added that while the responsibility of upkeep of tourist spots lies with the Tourism department, the responsibility of upkeep of archaeological sites lies with the department of art, culture and youth.

Replying to other question, whether there was any improvement to refurbish the Sujata Stupa which was discovered at Baraur village under Bodh Gaya block in Gaya district, the minister said that ASI has taken steps to conserve the monument. It was informed to the house that  ASI during the excavation at the Stupa site, removed the silt from the Stupa carefully and has given a beautiful look to it. The adjoining areas has been proposed to be developed as a park to make it as a tourist attraction.

Replying to other question, the minister informed the house that chemical treatment and serialization of the books and manuscripts at Khankah-e-Ehadia near Mangal Talab in Patna city is being done under an Indian Manuscript Mission at Khuda Baksh Oriental public library.