Science Train in Patna on 9-10th June


Science Express Bio-diversity special train will be in Patna during 9th-10th June 2012. It is great experience for the science buddies to get information about the climatic changes and challenges and about the bio-diversity. This  is a joint venture by Ministry of Forests and Environment and Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. It will start from Delhi on the World Environment Day i.e. 5th June.

The train will reach Patna Junction on 9th June. There will be eight coaches displaying the bio-diversity of India. It will include information about Gangetic Plains, Eastern India, Desert, Beaches and Islands. Besides, it will also showcase the challenges and solutions for the endangered species, agriculture and farming and  biodiversity grounds.  Three coaches will be reserved for the topics related to Energy and Water conservation.

There will be more than 70 experiments displayed in the mobile lab of train, related to chemistry, Physics, Maths and Environment. One coach will be reserved for conference and training for information purpose.

The train is meant for the children of smaller age group, from 6-12 years, however others can also enjoy. The train will be stationed at Dhanbad junction from 6th to 9th July, Ranchi junction from 10-13 July and Gaya Junction from 31st Oct-2nd November.