Lhasa Market starts in the City

One of the annual event in the very heart of Patna during winter season is the occurrence of Lhasa Market, which has this year started from Friday last at Buddha Marg. This famed woolen market, which is organized mainly by the Tibetan refugees, has became a very popular destination for the Patnaites during the winter season. This market not only provides woolen clothes at reasonable rate, but also their durability has been time tested. This is the reason why this 3-4 decade old annual market draws huge rush during its working hours. Another reason is the pleasant and charm nature of the shop keepers, which includes a sizable portion of female, which attracts its regular customer every year. This shop keepers comes from Shimla, Mussorrie, Dharmshala, Sikkim, Shillong to as far as Karnataka.

This year the prime attraction of the market is the long woolen kurtis and tunics for the young girls and the long woolen shrugs for the ladies which has average price tag from Rs. 750 to Rs. 1000. Frilled cardigan, shawls and designer stoles are other reasonable prized attraction at the market. In fact, there are many other things that cover all the section of people. As the winter will pick up, so does the flow of the people. Shop Keepers expect to get a good return this year.