Chhath preparation gears up in Patna in festive mood

With the 'Aastha Ka Mahaparva'  Chhath around the corner, the people as well as the city administration has geared up their preparation. The biggest festival of the land is celebrated with great devotion and piousness at Patna. The otherwise neglected Ganga ghats wears a new look for few days during this time. However, the usual laziness on part of administration has already casted shadow over its readiness.

(Festivals of Patna)

Till now, the administration has declared 22 ghats as dangerous across the City, stretching from Patna City to Danapur, where, as per the administration, no one will be allowed to enter at those ghats. The reason given is the bad quality of water and the sludge at the ghat where the administration fear that people may get trapped. But the big question remains open as how these ghats were not taken care of during past few months. It has became a routine on part of administration to close the ghat on pretext of their inefficient administration and pass the burden on the people. The administration has woken up, albeit quite late.

Nevertheless, their is great pious environment in the city. People are flocking to markets for their preparations. Thousands of people are arriving at Patna junction from across the Country to attend this festival. Similarly, equal number are leaving for their villages. All trains are over crowded. However the great feeling of festival is overcoming all these troubles. wishes all its citizen a very Happy Chhath.

The dangerous ghats are:

Patna Sadar Subdivision

  • Minar Ghat
  • Ramji Ghat Ghat
  • Tarkariya Bazar Ghat
  • Jahaj Ghat

Danapur Subdivision

  • Depot Ghat
  • Pipapul Ghat
  • Kali Ghat
  • Daldali GHat
  • Narial Ghat
  • Nasirganj Ghat
  • B S College Ghat
  • Jhunjhunwala Ghat
  • Dhobi Ghat

Patna Subdivision

  • Duli Ghat
  • Adarsh Ghat
  • Mitan Ghat
  • Sita Ghat
  • Chimney Ghat
  • Kila Ghat
  • Kachchi Ghat
  • Adrakh Ghat
  • Nandgola Ghat