Prepaid auto-taxi service at Patna Junction

Patna Junction has got first of its kind in the City, a 24 X 7 prepaid auto and taxi service. The service was inaugurated last week. It is an authorized service by East Central Railways and Patna Traffic Police. It is expected that this will led to easy travel without altercation over the fare and ensure safety and security of travelers in the city.

The various tariffs are :

Within Patna

  • 4 km radius from Junction : Rs 100 (autos), Rs 200 (non-AC taxis) and Rs 250 (AC taxis)
  • For each extra kilometer, the fare will go up by 25%
  • For pick up from home/other place, an extra Rs 20-30 will have to be paid based on distance

Outside Patna

  • Minimum 200 km distance
  • Autos : Rs 18 for first 2 km, Rs 9 per km hence onward
  • Non - AC taxis : Rs 21 for first 2 km, Rs 11 per km onward
  • AC taxis : Rs 52 for first 2 km, Rs 12 per km onward

Night charges between 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM will be 25% costlier. Luggage charges at Rs 7.50 and Rs 10 per piece for autos and taxi respectively (Small bags are exempted). The Pre-paid counter is situated towards the left side to the main entrance of the Junction building, towards bike parking space. The passenger is provided with two copies of the payment receipt, while a copy is retained by the counter. One of the receipt (OK receipt) is to be handed over the driver of the vehicle and second one is passengers copy which has to be retained by the passenger. The receipt mentions the name of the passenger, his telephone number, destination and the taxi number - thus ensuring the safety of the passengers at the odd hours. The driver collects the payment on return after submitting OK receipt given by the passenger.

Telephone Number : 943 184 4444