Patna to Patliputra - no name change proposal


Is there any proposal for renaming Patna to Patliputra? No, says the government.  In a question asked on this regard during Question Hour in the State Assembly this Wednesday, the Minister in charge of Cabinet Coordination Department, Narendra Singh informed the house that there is no such proposal to change the existing name of Patna. He also informed the house that Patna was also identified as Kusumpur and Azimabad in the past. While referring to the name change of many Indian cities like Bombay,Madras and Calcutta to their original names, several member has demanded for the same in case of Patna.

Patna was referred as Patliputra during the Magadha empire. It has been referred by several names in the ancient literature. Name like Pataligram, Patalipur, Pushpapur, Kusumpur, Kusumvati, Palibothra, Azimabad etc. are associated with Patna. It is in contrast to the Indiian cities who has been renamed as they had only limited name associated with them. However, in case of Patna, choosing an ancient name out of multiple options would be difficult, and may not be acceptable by all.

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