PMC ban use of thin polythenes


Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to put a ban on the use and selling of polythene having thickness less than 40 Micron. This decision was taken in a meeting chaired by the Mayor Afjal Imam yesterday. This decision will also pave way for charging money from the customers on their demand of polythene of allowed thickness. Patna generates approximately 1000 MT of garbage per day which includes roughly 200 MT of polythene alone. These polythene takes hundred of years of time before completely degrading. They are major constituent of blocking the sewerage lines, which create havoc during monsoon season, especially in certain parts of the city. Indiscriminate burning of polythene releases harmful gases in the atmosphere, which affects citizen health. Polythene manufacturers will now have to register themselves with the Corporation for production. Shop keepers will be penalized if found violating the norms. PMC will constitute dedicated teams for inspection soon.