Patna new museum construction work inaugurated


Billed as one of the dream project of the CM Nitish Kumar, the Patna new museum construction work finally took a start with the foundation laying ceremony by the CM himself taking place in the last week. The construction is slated to be completed by 2015 and will be inaugurated on 22nd March, 2015 on the occasion of Bihar Diwas (Bihar Day).

The new museum is coming at a prime location in the very heart of the city. The 13.5 acres museum will come up near Patna High Court off the Bailey Road. The space has been made available by demolishing few bungalows of the building construction department. The new museum has been in news frequently in recent times. A global bid was invited from the reputed firms across the globe for museum design. After a round of competition, a famous Japanese firm, Maki & Associates, was chosen. Larson & Toubro is the undertaking construction agency for the museum.

Patna museum has one of the richest collection of artifacts in the country. But due to unavailability of space, many artifacts do not opportunity to be displayed. The world famed Didarganj Yakshi also does not get the attention, it deserves. Similarly, there are number of rare Buddha artifacts of bronze with are placed in cramped cupboards. It is believed that the new museum building will be designed in such a way to show all the artifacts in glistering lights.