Buddha Smriti Park museum to be inaugurated


The newly constructed museum at the Buddha Smriti Park will be inaugurated on 13th September, 2013.  Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will inaugurate the museum in presence of 200 dignitaries belonging to Buddhism sect from 39 countries across the world. It includes the princes of Bhutan, Ashi Kesang Wagmo Wangchuk. Special security arrangement has been made to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire process. A special puja will be performed prior to the inauguration. After the function is over, the dignitaries will head towards Bodh Gaya where they will perform worshiping at the Karuna Stupa. The museum has been built at a cost of Rs 25 Crore. It will contain the statues of Buddha in different postures.

The Buddha Smriti park was inaugurated by the His Holiness Dalai Lama on 27th May, 2010 in presence of many dignitaries. Since then, various construction was going on within the sprawling campus. The museum will be housed into a beautiful building in front of the Pataliputra Karuna Stupa.