Festive Chhath amid dangerous ghats


While the preparation of renovating the ghats in its final stage, the administration has declared several ghats dangerous for Chhath puja. Administration has barricaded these dangerous ghats and no arrangement has been made on part of the administration. Learning from the stampede that caused death of scores of chhath devotees last year, this year administration claims to have made elaborate arrangements to avoid such situations. A couple of Peepa bridges has been made across the by-streams of Ganges to reach the main current. The dangerous ghats declared by Patna administration are

  • B N College Ghat
  • Mishri Ghat
  • Kadam Ghat
  • Banshi Ghat
  • Judges Court Ghat
  • Adalat Ghat
  • Bankipore Club Ghat
  • Sipahi Ghat
  • Anta Ghat
  • Minar Ghat
  • Jahaz Ghat
  • Shiva Ghat
  • Buddha Ghat
  • Badwa Ghat
  • Sipahi School Ghat
  • Nahar Lakh Ghat
  • Ramjichak Hathua Enclave Ghat

With the shifting of the Ganges  main stream away from several parts of Patna, the devotees has been left with very few options. The main stream is as far as three and half kilometer at Bans Ghat. Though, the administration has maid arrangements at several ponds also, but going by the way, most of the devotees from these areas will perform Argh from their home only. However, this has not lessened any enthusiasm among the devotees. With Kharna falling today, the people are getting ready with tomorrow evening Argh.

go4patna.com wishes all the devotees of this maha festival (Aastha Ka Mahaparv) a very happy Chhath.