Precautions while going for Dussehra fair

on Friday, 11 October 2013 18:27.

With the
pandals being opened for the public view from today, it becomes necessary to take some precaution while visiting these crowded places. Thousands of people will throng on the streets of Patna for the next couple of days. As the rush will be huge, any negligence can prove dangerous.

Please take care in the following matter :

  • If any child is visiting pandals with the family, make sure you have put your name, phone number and address on a slip of paper in child's pocket
  • Avoid wearing heavy jewelry - while returning it may get late
  • Be aware of pick-pocketing
  • If you happened to find some unidentified object, inform police. Do not rush in exploring the object by yourself
  • Follow the traffic rules and park your vehicle at the designated place only
  • Do not pay any attention to rumors. Spreading rumors may get you in danger
  • Give way to emergency services like ambulance, fire-brigade etc.

Emergency call numbers :

  • DM  :                       9473191198
  • SSP :                       9431822967
  • City SP :                   9431822969
  • SDO :                      9431278304
  • District Fire Officer :   9431628907
  • Police Control Room : 100/2201975/78
  • Fire Brigade :             101
  • Ambulance :              102

Emergency Health Guide :

  • PMCH Superintendent :             9431237869
  • Rajendra Nagar Dispensary :        2670044
  • MLA Flat Dispensary :                 9470003612
  • New Gardiner, IT Roundabout :   2504915
  • Kurji Holy Family Hospital :           2262540
  • Alok Nursing Home, Khajanchi Road :        2302244/45
  • Kalyani Nursing Home, Chauhatta :           2685707
  • Rajeshwar Nursing Home, Kankarbagh :    2367206
  • Manas Nursing Home, Kankarbagh :          2351655
  • Raj Laxmi Nursing Home, Bahadurpur :      2352225
  • Sahyog Hospital, Patliputra :                   2262642
  • SK Memorial Nursing Home, Rajendra Nagar : 2686866
  • Mahavir Vatsalya : 2275657

Vehicle movement prohibited areas :

  • Sabji Bagh Road
  • Govind Mitra Road
  • Khajanchi Road
  • Dariyapur Gola Road
  • Thakurbadi Road
  • Baripath (Bakarganj) to Saidpur Mor


[With inputs from Prabhat Khabar]

Dengue cases rises in Patna - Precautions and Symptoms

on Sunday, 22 September 2013 16:02.


With the reporting of 12 new dengue cases in Patna, total number of affected person in the city has gone to 95, as per the information provided by the civil surgeon's office. There has been constant rise in the number of dengue cases from different parts of the city. People affected with dengue are being referred to Patna hospitals from different parts of the State as well. Till now, the dengue positive patients treated at Patna Medical College and Hospital has crossed 340 mark.

What is Dengue ?

Dengue is a disease caused by any one of four closely related virus (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, DEN-4). The viruses are transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito (principally Aedes Aegypti). The virus circulates in the blood leading to fever.

To protect yourself against Dengue Fever

Do's :

  • Use a mosquito repellent
  • Use mosquito netting over beds while sleeping
  • Get rid of areas where mosquitoes breed, such as standing water in flower pot or discarded tires etc.
  • Keep unscreened windows and doors closed
  • Change water in flower vases
  • Cover all storage water container
  • Dry your Coolers at least once a week
  • Remove all source of stagnant water
  • Wear full sleeved shirts, pants and socks


  • Don't let water to stagnant around
  • Don't take medicine without consultation
  • Don't wait in case of symptoms of dengue fever

Few Symptoms :

  • The sudden onset of a high fever, up to 102° F
  • Severe headache
  • Retro-orbital ( Behind the eye) pain
  • Severe joint and muscle pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Skin rashes after 3-4 days of fever

If you get Dengue Fever

  • Visit the doctor/hospital
  • Rest
  • Drink plenty of water

Book Fair at Gandhi Maidan from September 20, 2013

on Tuesday, 17 September 2013 17:13.

The grand Gandhi Maidan is getting ready once again for hosting the second book fair within this year. The first book fair was organized in March this year. The National level book fair will commence on September 20 and will continue till September 29. Visitors can visit the stalls from 11 AM to 8 PM during the fair. A number of publication houses will be participating in the event. There will be number of events for different categories of people during the 10-days event. Many events will be organized for the school children like drawing, folk song competition, Kids Fashion Show, Dance Competition etc. There will be several seminars on topics related to literature and culture.

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