Patna LS Constituencies swept away in Modi Wave

on Saturday, 17 May 2014 08:56.


As the Modi wave swept across the Nation, the two Lok Sabha Constituencies falling in Patna also could not escape from its effect. Both the constituencies - Pataliputra and Patna Sahib - went to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which also got the absolute majority in the 16th LS election on itself to become the only party in the three decade to achieve the magic figure. The BJP led NDA performed spectacular performance by securing 328 seats in the Lok Sabha.

  • Pataliputra Constituency : Ram Kripal Yadav of BJP got 3,83,262 votes and beat the nearest rival Misha Bharti of Rashtriya Janata Dal by 40,322 votes. Ranjan Prasad Yadav of Janata Dal (United), the seating MP figured distant third in the high profile election.  A total of 20 candidates including seven Independents had contested from the constituency. NOTA (None of the Above) option got 4,678 votes which is more than the votes secured by bottom seven candidates.  The top five candidates are :
    Ram Kripal Yadav (BJP) - 3,83,262 votes
    Misha Bharti (RJD) - 3,42,940 votes
    Ranjan Prasad Yadav (JD(U)) - 97,228 votes
    Rameshwar Prasad (CPI-ML) - 51,623 votes
    Ram Kumar Ram (Bahujan Samaj Party) - 17,188 votes
  • Patna Sahib Constituency :  The seating MP, Shatrughana Sinha of BJP succeeded in maintaining his seat. He got 4,85,905 votes and defeated the nearest rival Kunal Singh of Congress by whooping 2,65,805 votes. Dr. Gopal Prasad Sinha of JD(U) stood distant third by securing 91,024 seats. A total of 19 candidates including six Independents had contested from the constituency. NOTA (None of the Above) option got 7,727 votes which is more than the votes secured by bottom twelve candidate. The top five candidates are :
    Shatrughana Sinha (BJP) - 4,85,905 votes
    Kunal Singh (INC) - 2,20,100 votes
    Dr Gopal Prasad Sinha (JD(U)) - 91,024 votes
    Parveen Amanullah (Aam Aadmi Party) - 16,381 votes
    Umesh Kumar (Samajwadi Party) - 10,836 votes

The performance of Aam Aadmi Party, which had spectacularly formed the Delhi government, failed to creates any ripple in Patna. The candidates fared badly in both the constituencies. In Pataliputra Constituency, the AAP Candidate Kundan Prasad Singh secured 11th position and got only 5,637 votes.  In Patna Sahib Constituency, AAP candidate Parveen Amanullah secured 4th position by getting 16,381 votes.


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16th Lok Sabha election in Patna on April 17

on Thursday, 06 March 2014 17:58.


The Election Commission of India (ECI) has announced the polling dates for the 16th Lok Sabha. The 9-phase poll will be held from 7th April to 12th May. The counting of votes and results will be declared on May 16th. The world's biggest election process has charged up the political arena of the country. World's eye will definitely be set on India during the election period.

The poll will be held in Patna on April 17th. Both the Lok Sabha constituencies in Patna - Patna Sahib and Patliputra will for poll on the same day. The election in the whole of state will be held in 6 phases - April 10, 17, 24 and 30 and May 7 and May 12. The 15th Lok Sabha MPs from these two constituencies were :

  • Pataliputra Constituency : Ranjan Prasad Yadav [JD(U)]
  • Patna Sahib Constituency : Shatrughan Sinha [BJP]

(Know MPs & MLAs from Patna region)

The total number of eligible voters is 39,60,245 which includes 21,39,228 males and 18,21,017 females. The constituency wise distribution is as follow :

  • Pataliputra Constituency : Total voters 16,61,590  which includes 8,93,217 males and 7,68,373 females
  • Patna Sahib Constituency : Total voters : 18,13,002 which include 9,81,188 males and 8,31,814 females

The election in Patna and other areas in the state will be held under the strict vigilance of state's chief electoral officer (CEO) Ajay V Nayak. Adequate security arrangement will be made to avert any kind of disturbance.

Update 19th March, 2014

The various dates for the election process in the two constituencies in Patna has been released by the Election commission.

  • 26th March, 2014 (Wednesday) : as the last day for making nomination
  • 27th March, 2014 (Thursday) : as the day for scrutiny of nominations
  • 29th March, 2014 (Saturday) : as the last day for withdrawal of candidatures

The polling will be held from 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM on 17th April, 2014 (Thursday) for both the constituencies in Patna - 31-Pataliputra and 30-Patna Sahib. The total number of booths in Patna Sahib Constituency will be 1713 whereas for Pataliputra Constituency, it will be 1716.

(Source - Election Commission of India)


Patna Lok Sabha Constituencies swept away in Modi wave

Bailey Road to be traffic signal free

on Monday, 03 March 2014 17:01.


The frequent traffic jam at various crossing point on the Bailey road will now be a matter of past. State government in association with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi has drew ambitious plan of removing the traffic blockage altogether between Vidhyut Bhavan and Lalit Bhavan on Bailey road. The four traffic junction that dots in between the two Bhavans will be replaced by underpasses, flyovers and elevated roads. This will ensure traffic signal free drive in this section of the road. This project on the Bailey road will cost the state government a sum of 391.47 crore.

The four roundabouts - Lalit Bhavan roundabout, Punaichak, Hartali More and Boring road roundabout on Bailey road will have a combination of underpasses, flyovers, elevated sections and other related structures. The underpass will be 1.7 km long having a height of 6 meter. There will be several lane streets and through lane on either side of the passes. The project is scheduled to be completed before March, 2015.

Bailey road is the lifeline of the city which connects with several important areas and also with Danapur. It is also the most frequent rod used for reaching Patna Junction or Patna airport. Several important government building are situated on either side of the road. Traffic jams are frequent, especially during peak hours. During any protest, this road become the venue - bringing entire traffic to be routed through subsidiary roads. The timely completion of the project will provide a hassle free ride to the commuters on Bailey road.