A Year of Celebration @ go4patna.com

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try " - Gail Devers (Three time Olympic champion in track and field for US)

It was exactly a year ago on 4th December, 2011 when this website was launched with a modest beginning and great expectations. Indeed it has been a great year for us during which we witnessed the moments of joy, anxiety and technical challenges. More consoling has been the fact that this website has lived up to the expectation with which it was launched, with continuous improvements being made in materials, contents and topics. It is therefore a heartening fact that visitors from more than a third of the World's Nations registered their presence on the website.

The website which roughly took four months to launch, with many glitches and interruptions in between was finally launched in the evening of Sunday, Dec 4, 2011. Work becomes tough when there are no appropriate information and those which exists are scattered here and there on the internet. This was the situation faced by us, however we tried our best to consolidate all the things by gathering appropriate information through personal visits and the best reliable sources. Nevertheless, the outcome has been satisfactory. During its inception year, many new contents were added and existing ones enriched, with greater focus on the facilities in the City. Simultaneously, we tried to consolidate all the tourists spots which are in close proximity of the City, so that a broad view can be gained while visiting the website.

During the year, more than 15,000 visitors have visited the website. And definitely, it has not been a matter of coincidence or false-landing on the pages of the website, rather the average visit duration being close to 150 seconds shows that the visit was purposeful, and they were rightly directed to the pages. The random search on the Google or any other search engines about the city has shown continuous improving ranking of the website on the search result shown, which further corroborates the depth of our content of the website. Though majority of the visitors has been from India, but is is heartening to see that people from 60 other countries did visit the website during the year, with visitors from USA taking the lead. However, the visit of people from countries like Romania, Nigeria, Belize, Serbia, Yemen, Finland , Venezuela etc. has really encouraged us and shown the presence of local people in these countries. But, there is complete absence of visitors from big countries like China, Brazil, Argentina, Spain etc. Within the country, the maximum visitors were from the city of Joy, Kolkata and not from Patna as we had thought. The presence of website on various social networking sites has really helped us a lot in spreading awareness about this website. The Facebook page - 'go4patna.com - Love You Patna' has close to 600 fans, and we are really thankful to them for their support.

The year's journey has not been on smooth path alone, rather we did encounter some glitches. The major problem occurred just after two months of its humble beginning, when out of nowhere, several problem occurred at the same time and forced down the website. It took us nearly a week's time before it could be restored  in original form. There were frequent shut down of the website due to Server's issue, however we tried  our best to keep it online throughout the year. Initially, due to heavy use of photos and attractive modules, the website developed significant lag time. So, we have to part away with many interesting photos and few modules to ease the page load time.

During initial days, very few visitor used to visit the website. But once it began to appear on the search result, visitors started visiting the website. Few article were readily picked up the visitor. Article on 'Funtasia Island'Water Park' has been a major hit, with it occupying the top position in the 'Most Read Article' section within a month of its publication. There were lot of search on Patna Municipal Corporation as well as Bihar Intermediate Board results.

It has been a year of experience and learning for us. Though, we do agree that there has been some delay in providing the latest news, but we want to re-iterate that this is not a news website in totality. We try to cover the broad socio-economic-political aspect affecting the City in long term, the focus has been on the various aspects of the city like tourism, infrastructure and so on. With beginning of a new year, we want to assure that we will try to go extra mile to achieve our targets in providing the full information about the City, Patna.

[December 2012]