Third Anniversary of - A Review


It is getting to be harder to run a constitution than to frame one - Woodrow Wilson (1887)

On the eve of the third anniversary of, the above phrase of Wilson holds quite true for it. The website over the years has grown into a huge collection of articles which require attention from diverse dimensions. The rapid development requires constant update of the information provided in the website. As the range of the information provided in the website keeps on widening, so does the amount of effort to maintain the same with the advancing time. However, we at has been eager to keep the website regularly updates despite numerous challenge, and the passing year has not been an exception to it.

The website continue to expand its reaches during the last year. It is heartening to inform that more than 75000 people visited the website during the period , totaling  page view of about 1.5 lakh. The same figure stood at 15 k during the first year and 64 k during the second year. Thus, overall more than 1.5 lakh people has visited the website since its beginning, which is quite good considering the topics which are covered in the website. The visitor access to the website continue on increasing with visitors from 113 countries visiting it, up from 93+ countries during last year. The top visitors are from India, followed by US, Spain, Indonesia and UK in that order. The visitors from different cities also witnessed some changes with Kolkata replacing Patna at the top, followed by Mumbai and New Delhi. Funtasia Island water park continue to receive highest hit among article this year also. It is closely being followed by PMC Wards and Eco Park.

Last year witnessed some minor changes in Home Page. Three modules beginning with "Top 10" were added replacing earlier module. A new section of "Development @ Patna" as added to capture the various development activities having a repercussion on the tourism aspect of Patna. The inauguration of the work of Bihar Museum, International Convention Centre, JP Ganga Path etc. has been included in this section. This year also witnessed restructuring of articles urls in order to avoid broken link/missing link problem. A page not found section was added to redirect the user to appropriate page in case of any mis-direction by the servers. Several steps were undertaken to reduce the page load time, as a result of which the pages are now being loaded more efficiently than last year. The articles were optimized and many photos were optimized or removed to pave for the efficiency. The blog also witnessed good growth during the year. It received nearly 35000 visitors to its pages. Some new articles like on Kamaldah Jain Temple Complex and Agam Kuan were added. The Facebook Page has now more than a thousand followers and it continue to provide information about latest development and happenings in the city.

We have completed third year of our existence and it is a proof of our commitment. Several new websites appeared during the period based on plagiarism, which we talked about last year, however most of them are now defunct and non-existence. The reason is attributed to the lack of sustained interest on the limited topics revolving around Patna. A new website can be created in a short span of time using copy-paste and plagiarism, however it is much difficult to sustain it over a longer period. When we had started our website in 2011, there was not much information on internet and Wikipedia. Now, one can find a lot of information over internet and Wikipedia especially. Several of our articles has given way to Wikipedia pages, which they have also acknowledged in their references. In fact, the various article arrangement about Patna on Wikipedia bears remarkable resemblance with our website articles arrangement.  The purpose of the above reference is not to boast of our contribution, rather to emphasize the fact that a small beginning in 2011 has given so much information about Patna on the internet. This is the power of ICT (Information & Communication Technology).

On March 11, 2014, Prabhat Khabar (Patna Edition) carried out an article about the website and the blog on the front page of its Life @ Patna supplementary. We felt quite encouraged with such acknowledgement of our effort by a leading newspaper of Patna. The website also finds its mention on various other websites. We hope to achieve more accomplishment in the coming year.  It will be our endeavor in the next year to provide more information on Patna like as has been in the past. Again it would be worth mentioning that without the support of the visitors, it would have been difficult to move forward. We thank to all visitor for visiting our website. We would appreciate your feedback/comment/suggestion/criticism/query at JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .



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