Tourist Places in Patna


Patna has many tourist places worth visiting. Being the capital of ancient India as Patliputra, it has many places excavated belonging to Mauryan and Gupta period, roughly dating back to 3rd cent BC to 5th Cent AD. The artifacts excavated like Didarganj Chauri-Bearer has attracted worldwide attention. As Patna is also the capital of Bihar for more than a 100 year now, it has developed its own kind of administrative infrastructure. Being the capital even during colonial rule, it has inherited many colonial buildings which are marvelous. It is also the gateway to the various Buddhist, Jainism, Sikhism and Sufism circuits. The various tourist places has been placed under different section, which are as following -

  • Historical Places in Patna
    One can visit the historical places in Patna like Golghar, Kumhrar Park, Agam Kuan, Begum Hajjam Mosque etc. to witness a glimpse of history. Patna Museum, Jalan Museum, Gandhi Sangrahalaya gives vivid account of the past.
  • Religious Places in Patna
    One can visit the different religious places to witness the diversity of the City. Places like Patan Devi, Har Mandir Takht, Mahavir Mandir, Padri Ki Haveli, Pathar Ki Masjid etc. are sacred to the people concerned.
  • Famous Places in Patna
    Visit the famous places in Patna like the grand Gandhi Maidan or the famed Patna Botanical Garden or Khuda Baksh National Library. Take some time to visit the Indira Gandhi Planetarium and the Sri Krishna Science Center, especially if children are accompanying.
  • Places of National Service in Patna
    Visit the places of martyrdom in the City. Shaheed Smarak reminds the 1942 Quit India Movement, whereas Kargil Chowk reminds of the sacrifice during Kargil infiltration in 1999.
  • Few other destinations
    Take a ride on M V Ganga Vihar in the river Ganges and witness the vastness of the river as well banks of the City. Visit Buddha Smriti Park and majestic buildings in the City.
  • 10 Things to in Patna
    What are the 10 most important things that you want to do when in Patna ? Check out to know.