Famous Places in Patna

No matter how old or new the city is, there are some things and places which are unique to that city. Those things or places becomes pride of that city which gives it a distinct identity from the rest. Patna, also has some places which are pride of it. These places are well known throughout the State and attract people in large number. The famous places in Patna are :

  • Gandhi Maidan
    Gandhi Maidan, the spectacular ground in the middle of Patna is certainly a place of great importance for the City. The 'Patna's Lawn' of British era now takes pride as Gandhi Maidan, named after the Father of the Nation.
  • Indira Gandhi Planetarium
    Indira Gandhi Planetarium, the second largest after that of Kolkata's is a great place for understanding the mysteries of the universe which explains the origin of the Stars, the Planets and the Earth in a lucid visual-audio mode.
  • Sri Krishna Science Centre
    Sri Krishna Science Center is a great place for children and adult alike for understanding the principles and applications of science in our life.
  • Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden (Zoo)
    Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden or simply Patna Zoo is the green belt of the city, providing a calm and serene environment amidst the bustling of the City. It boasts some of the rare species of animal and plants.
  • Khuda Baksh National Library
    Khuda Baksh National Library is one of the remarkable place, of national importance, containing some of the rare manuscripts of the era gone by. It has a repository of 21000 oriental manuscript and a collection of 2.5 Lakh printed books.
  • Buddha Smriti Park
    This multipurpose park, inaugurated to commemorate the 2554th birth anniversary of Lord Buddha by His Holiness Dalai Lama in 2010  attracts large number of visitors. It is situated infront of Patna Junction.