Sri Krishna Science Centre, Patna

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Sri Krishna Science Center

In a quite lane off the bustling South-Eastern part of Gandhi Maidan, lies the Sri Krishna science centre. It was established in 1978 and is named after the first Chief Minister of Bihar. The new building , in which it is situated now was inaugurated in 1996. Its a wonderful place to understand the various principles of science in a practical manner. A beautiful garden set beside it also demonstrate the scientific principles.

Set in a calm environment with big trees beside the lane, Science center welcomes visitor by a big colorful display board, with the wind mill prototype blade rotating and sounds of dinosaurs echoing. Upon entrance, garden lies on the right side whereas main building is situated on the left side. A Sun dial is placed at the entrance which shows the time based on the Sun's location. The building has 3 floors , each depicting a theme related to science and environments.

Ground floor : This floor is named as "Fun Science Gallery" and houses many equipment which demonstrate the Scientific principle in a very lucid way. One corner has Energy ball demonstration section which shows the conversion of one form of energy into other in a very synchronized way - balls keep rolling, they turn the wheels, hits the bells and create melodious sound while passing over xylophone. The other interesting demonstration includes Organ pipes, Curving Train & infinite Train, Magic Tap, Lazy tubes, Illusive sphere , Momentum multiplier etc. A workshop and a conference hall is also on the ground floor.

First Floor : This floor is divided into many sections. Right side corridor consist of Mirror Section, moving forward lies the Ocean Life section which depicts several aspect of ocean life. The rest of floor depicts the Scientific principles, like it has Floating ball demonstration based on Bernoulli's principle and Vortex based on Centrifugal force. Human evolution is also shown in one corner of the floor. The floor also houses an Auditorium.

Second Floor : The second floor is marked "Evolution" and it demonstrates the evolution of life on Earth. It has big boards depicting the evolution of Human life, about the evolution of Earth, plants & their life and about Earth. In the center is the beautiful structure of DNA Structure.

3-D Show :

Science Center organizes a 3-D Show at every 2 hours during the  day.The length of the show is around 20 minutes and spectators  needs to get a separate ticket for it. All the spectator are provided with  a spectacle for seeing the 3-D show, which has to return after the  show. Three small films are shown, related to the Science. The quality of video is good but the quality of audio is not good. However, it is a good experience at a little extra cost.

A dinosaur park is also in the center. Life size dinosaurs with forest background adds charm to the campus. Constant information about dinosaurs are provided through a mild loudspeaker. The park is named as "Jurassic park". A small cafeteria is also on the campus which offers meals and snacks. The Garden is beautifully set with practical experiments embedded. A yellow colored Gypsy Major type Tiger Moth Aircraft is on demonstration on the garden. Visitors can take rest in the peaceful setup of garden.

How to reach: Easily reachable by autos. Being not on the main road, one can ask for Science center location from the passer by.

Distance :
Patna Junction ~ 3-4 km
Airport ~ 8-9 km
Mithapur Bus Stand ~ 6-7 km

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