Gandhi Sangrahalaya

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Gandhi Sangrahalaya

Situated near the North-Western corner of Gandhi Maidan, and at a throw away distance from Golghar, Gandhi Sangrahalaya is an important landmark which highlights the role of Gandhiji in Bihar during the Independence movement. The Sangrahalaya was formally established in 1967 in the present location, some 8 year after the formation of  Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya Samiti. The Sangrahalaya was a unit of the Central Gandhi Sangrahalaya Samiti till 1971 , when the decision was taken to make the existing 5 Sangrahalaya  as autonomous one. Thus , since 1971, Patna Gandhi Sangrahalaya is an autonomous body.
Set up in a very peaceful environment, it provides a glimpse of  life of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. His life has been beautifully depicted in the big photographs.All the major events in his life has been told here. There are close to a dozen odd photographs of his childhood.A replica of his room is also placed in the hall.
The calm environment gives ample peace to visitors to look into the life of the the Mahatma.The building houses a library which has a rich collection of books,magazine,literature & audio-video material related to the life of Mahatma Gandhi. There is a book store also in the compound , where books related to the life of Gandhi and other eminent persons are kept for purchasing. A small park adjoins the hall,where few moments can be spend in peace.The Gandhi idols are placed throughout Sangrahalaya. Each idol has a message to spread.

How to reach :  Situated on the periphery of Gandhi Maidan , it is easily reachable by  autos or private vehicles.

Distance :
Patna Junction : 3-4 km
Airport : 9-10 km
Mithapur Bus Stand : 6-7 km

Nearby Places :
Though, it is not high on the popularity chart, but its worth visiting. An hour or two spend in the calm campus understanding the life of a great person has a nice overall experience.