This beehive shaped structure is one of the famous landmark of the city. Situated on the Dujra main road, just before the Gandhi Maidan, it provides a wonderful view of the city from the top. On one side, the vast stretches of the river Ganga is easily seen overlooking the Bankipur Girls High School, on the other side, it provide an eye soothing view of the city. Biscoman Bhavan stands tall amid all building in the vicinity.

GolgharThis structure was made as a Granary to store the
food grains after the great famine of 1770 AD.
It was completed on 20th July, 1786 AD by
Captain John Garstine Engineer. The height of
this structure is 29 m, with a base of 125 m
having thickness of wall  at the base as 3.6 m.
There is an opening at the top for filling the dome
with grains. There are 4 entrance gate at the base.
There are 2 separate staircase for going up and
coming down. The door at the bottom were
designed to be opened from inward. Hence, soon
it was learnt that once it is filled with grains, it
would be difficult to open the gate.
Hence this structure was never put in practical
use. At some height from base, there are
two stone slab having engravings written in
English and Persian. The English version states
as follow :
"  In part of a general Plan
Ordered by the GOVERNOR GENERAL and Council
20th of January , 1984
For the perputual prevention of Famine
In thefe Provinces
Was erected by CAPTAIN  JOHN GARSTINE Engineer
Completed on the 20th of July , 1786
Firft filled and publickly clofed by "
Golghar is situated in a campus which has been developed as park by the government recently. The campus has pathways, open air theater, arrangement for laser show and toilet rooms. Though there are 145 stairs and at one glance it looks tough to ascend, but going up & viewing the city has at all wonderful experience. There is a proposal to open the inside of Golghar to the public in the form of a museum containing various aspect of the historic monument.  A not to be missed destination.
Details on notice board outside Golghar :
  • Architectural Style : Stupa
  • Architect : John Garstin
  • Completed : 20 July, 1786
  • Former Names : The Granary at Patna
  • Height : 29 m
  • Diameter of Foundation : 125 m
  • Thickness of Wall : 3.6 m
  • Steps : 145

Laser Show
After the restoration and development work at Golghar compound, a state-of-the-art laser show has been started from January 14, 2013. This is an initiative of the Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC) to attract more visitors to this historic monument. It has been built at a cost of Rs 1.1 crore. It will involve synchronized colorful fountain cum laser show narrating the history of Bihar and Golghar. It is held at 6:15 PM and 7:15 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the Laser show fees is Rs 30. The tickets for the show are available 30 minutes before the starting of the show.
At a Glance :
  • Entry fees : Rs 5 (as on Jan 2015) per person
  • Golghar is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Monday is off day.
  • It is open from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • Laser show timing : 6:00 PM from Friday to Sunday. Ticket fee : Rs 30 per person

How to reach
: Golghar is situated near to Gandhi Maidan. Auto ply in the Dujra main road, adjoining Golghar.

Patna Junction ~ 2.5 km
Airport ~ 8 km
Mithapur Bus stand ~7 km

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