Patna and the National Service

Patna, at the heartland of Eastern India, has been an active center for the struggle against the British rule. The very land is associated with some of the great freedom fighters like Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Sacchinand Sinha. Gandhi Maidan was the place of social awakening against the foreign rule whereas the colleges of Patna University like Patna College, B N College etc. were the places of clandestine meetings and operation. The places associated with National sacrifice are -

  • Shaheed Smarak (Martyr's Memorial)
    The Martyr's Memorial is the remembrance of the great sacrifice done by the 7 student during India's struggle for Independence in 1942's Quit India Movement. The student belonged to the school of Patna and adjoining areas.
  • Kargil Memorial
    Kargil Memorial is a tribute to the soldiers who laid their lives while fighting against the Pakistani infiltrator in Kargil sector during 1999. The names of the martyr's are engraved on a black vertical slab here.
  • Sadaqat Ashram
    Sadaqat Ashram is the place where the belongings of Dr. Rajendra Prasad is kept. The Ashram was an active place during the Independence Struggle movement.
  • Shaheed Pir Ali Park
    Pir Ali led the Patna uprising against the British empire during the 1857 War of Independence. He was later caught and hanged. Today, a park near Gandhi Maidan reminds of his and his fellowmen sacrifice.