Patna - other Famed Destinations

There are many other places in Patna which deserves special mention while dealing with the overall tourism perspective of the City. Places like Buddha Smriti Park and M V Ganga Vihar trip are well known but there are many other which are not well known, but they deserve mention. The colonial legacy has left behind a number of colonial building, some of them very impressive like Patna Secretariat building, Patna College. Women's College, GPO, Patna High Court etc.

  • M V Ganga Vihar
    M V Ganga Vihar is a wonderful journey of the river Ganges from Gandhi Ghat, behind NIT, Patna. It offers a great opportunity to witness the calmness and vastness of the Ganges and the banks of the City, having some historical buildings like Patna College and Darbhanga House in direct view.
  • Buddha Smriti Park
    ddha Smriti Park is a newly developed multipurpose park situated in-front of Patna Junction, dedicated to Lord Buddha. One can find great calmness here, away from the bustling activity of nearby station.
  • The Majestic Buildings
    Patna is dotted with some of the historical buildings built during British era like High Court, Old Secretariat, Women's College etc which are great from the architecture's perspective.
  • More @ Patna
    This section covers some miscellaneous aspect of the City,