M V Ganga Vihar -The Floating Restaurant of Patna

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Ganga View from M V Ganga Vihar

M V Ganga Vihar operates from Ganga Ghat, behind the NIT campus in the Mahendru area of Patna. Run and managed by the State Tourism Corporation, this trip is a wonderful experience to witness the city along the banks. The banks offers multiple view comprising of old buildings and new ghats, with a series of Institute of Patna University facing the rivers. It has emerged as one of the highest revenue generator for the Tourism Department.

The trip starts from Gandhi Ghat at the fixed timing during the evening. The duration of the trip is approximately 35 minute, but it generally extends the duration. Starting first, it goes Eastward up to Darbhanga House. The buildings of Patna College, NIT and Darbhanga house, beside few ghats are beautifully visible from the open deck of the ship. From there it takes a U-turn and move towards West, goes beyond GaiGhat and passing below Mahatma Gandhi Setu, one of the longest bridge of World over a river. The banks of Patna city are beautifully exposed towards the river. The ruins of Tekari House also attracts the view. In fact, it offers the best view to watch this ancient monument. The ship passes by numerous ghats, temples and few fort like structures along its journey. As the ship approaches Gandhi Setu, the curiosity increase. Once it passes under it, the giant pillars awestruck the passengers. Moving ahead, Gaighat is also seen , which the local port for transportation through the river Ganga. From there, the ship takes a U-turn and moves towards the Gandhi Ghat, its originating position.

M V ViharThe ship includes a restaurant at the lower deck, hence
it is also called as Floating Restaurant. It also has a
VIP room. The restaurant does not operates in
normal days, however one can gets the snacks
from the small cafeteria at the ship.  The
upper desk consist of Driver's cabin at one end and
open deck at the other end. The restaurant is small
and has AC. It is beautifully decorated from inside with
many chairs and table arranged neatly. It has big
windows adjoining the table from where one can enjoy
the view. However, the best thing is to go on the deck
and enjoy from there. The vast Ganga and the plain
on the Northern side offers a charismatic view. The
evening time adds to the flavor of the trip.

The trip operates once a day during evening in weekdays. During weekend, there are two trips.

Timing :

  • Monday - Friday (One trip): 5 PM - 6 PM (Summer), 4 PM -5 PM(Winter)
  • Saturday and Sunday (Two trip) :  3:30 PM - 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM -6:30 PM
  • Fee : Rs 100 per person (boating only)
  • Fee : Rs 150 per person (boating and Ganga Arti )
  • No ticket for children below 5 years of age.

The ship is available for special booking for party purpose. The fees depends on the duration of the booking. Restaurant may be functional on request. The lighting and sound system may be also arranged on request. For Corporate parties or for special birthday celebration, its quite suitable and surely  a  memorable experience.

How to reach : It is situate behind the NIT campus. After reaching the NIT More on Ashok Rajpath, take the left road towards NIT. One reaching the NIT gate, take left road. This road leads to Ganga Ghat, from where the journey starts. Ticket counter is on the entrance gate only. Shared autos do not go there. Private vehicles and hired autos can reach till entrance easily.

Distance :
Patna Junction ~ 6-7 km
Airport ~ 11-12 km
Mithapur Bus Stand ~ 9-10 km

Nearby Places :

M V Ganga Vihar offers an excellent chance to view the beauty of city along the banks. Watching the river Ganga from the middle of the river is also nice experience. Its a must for any one visiting the city.