The Majestic Buildings of Patna

With the partition of Bihar and Odisha from Bengal Presidency in 1912, Patna became the capital of Bihar. With administrative point of view, the colonial empire build several imposing structure in the City. Patna High Court, Raj Bhavan, General Post Office, Old Secretariat etc are few examples of the construction. During more or less the same period, the beautiful majestic buildings of Patna Women's College, Patna College, Science College and other were build which gave the city a new look. The presence of historic buildings like Anjuman Islamia, Sultan palace and State Assembly building is another attraction in the city. The old buildings of Rizwan Castle, Mariyum Manzil, Dr. Sacchidanand House and Sikander Manzil gives a glimpse of their passed golden era. However, history of a city is not all about the beautiful old buildings existing, but also the once glorious buildings, which now due to one reason or other, are in dilapidated condition.

We bring here the detail of such buildings and their role in current scenario which are an important aspect of the City. From going from Dak Bungalow Chowk to Danapur on Bailey Road, one can see a number of historic building on either side of the road. We list here some of the iconic buildings of the City: