World's tallest Gandhi statue in Patna


Adding another attraction to the City, the World's tallest bronze statue of Gandhi was unveiled at the historic Gandhi Maidan in 2013. The 72-feet tall bronze statue was inaugurated by the CM Nitish kumar on February 15, 2013. Gandhi is seen affectionately with two children, a boy and a girl, on either side of him. Below his feet is written his message "My life is my message" in Hindi. This will go a long way in making the city more synonymous with Gandhi, where already many things like Gandhi Maidan, Gandhi Setu, Gandhi Sangrahalaya, Gandhi Ghat etc are already existing. The statue is located in the South-West corner of the Gandhi Maidan.

The structure has a 32-feet high pedestal and 40 feet tall statue. The whole structure is placed on a raised platform. The statue can be reached through a number of steps from all sides. The main entry gate is situated in front of St. Xavier's School. The statue faces the East Gandhi Maidan or towards the center of the Maidan. The statue will replace the 16-feet tall statue at Parliament House campus in New Delhi as the tallest statue in the world. The word 'Bapu' is engraved on the top of the pedestal. The total cost of the statue is Rs 10 crore, which has been funded by the State government. The statue has been built by Delhi based Ramsutar Fine Arts Private Limited, the company of famous sculptor Ramsutar. On the pedestal, panels has been placed which relates to the important aspect of Gandhiji's life. On the front panel, the rise of August Kranti in 1942 has been depicted. In the side panel, Champaran Satyagrah of 1917 has been depicted where Gandhiji is addressing the public. In the back panel, Gandhiji has been shown on Charkha, emphasizing the importance of the Khadi clothes. On the fourth panel, Dandi March (Salt Satyahgrah) of 1930 has been carved, where Gandhiji has been shown picking up salt from the shore.

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