Tekari House, Patna

tekari house patna

Tekari house reflects the once glorious past of the city. Situated in the Pathar Ki Masjid area of Patna city, on the bank of the river Ganges, the ruins of house can be seen. The ruins consists of four minars in a horizontal line, facing the river. Stairs are from inside to go on the top of the minar, from where the wonderful view of river can be seen. The place is not frequently visited and is deserted one. The garbage and haphazard growth lay inside the house ruins. However, Roshan Ghat adjoins the ruin, which is used by the local peoples. The lane beside the Pathar Ki Masjid takes to the Roshan Ghat. The optimal option is to view it from M V Ganga Vihar during the trip. The ruins are easily spotable and viewable from the deck of the ship. Passengers may get the view of local boys doing jumping stunt from the top of the minar into the river Ganga.

Distance :

Patna Junction : 7-8 km
Patna Airport : 12-13 km
Mithapur Bus Stand : 10-11 km

Nearby Places :

Pathar Ki Masjid : 0.5 km
Har mandir takhat : 2-3 km