Begum Hajjam Mosque

Situated in Patna City area, Begum Hajjam Mosque is known to be the oldest mosque of the City. The mosque dates back to 16th Century, when it was built by Khan Muazzam Nazir Khan during the reign of Alauddin Shah Sultan of Gaur in the year 1509-10 AD. Interestingly, the mosque bears the name of the renovator - Begum Hajjam, who undertook the renovation of the mosque in 1645 AD, and not of the creator.

The mosque is built using glazed tiles, which reflects the contemporary construction style of those days in Gaur rule. There is exquisite carvings in the doorway. The details of the construction are inscribed on a plaque, situated in the mosque. The mosque is quite popular in the area. The mosque attracts followers in large number during festive season.

How to reach :

Begum Hajjam Mosque isĀ situatedĀ in Khawaja Kalan Ghat road of Patna City. One can easily reach using cab/autos or private vehicle.

Nearby Places :

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