10 Things to do in Patna


One who is visiting Patna always wants to know what are the 10 things to do when in Patna. It is a rather a tough task as it all depends on one's perception and choices. One may like historical places to go, other may prefer markets while some may prefer restaurants and so on.  However, keeping in view, we give here a combination of all these things. The list may go on, but we have restricted to 10 only.

  1. Golghar
    Definitely, this has to be number one. Beside being historical and the most recognizable monument of Patna, it has unique beehive shaped structure, the circular steps leading to top and wonderful view from there. On a beautiful day, one can have a wonderful view of the City. The vast stretches of the river Ganga overlooking Bankipore Girls High School can provide a very good view on one side and city view on the other side. The light & Sound show in the evening is added attraction.
  2. Patna Museum
    This museum houses one of the best collection of sculptures and art objects in India. The artifacts here belong to the period of Mauryas, Guptas, Sunga, Kushans, Mughals and so on. The most famous artifact is 'Didarganj Yakshi', the life-size statue of Chauri-bearer belonging to 3rd cent BC. The sacred ashes of Lord Buddha found at Vaishali during excavation is also kept here. One can find here numerous Buddha statues, many of them bronze, belonging to different periods. This museum is worth visiting.
  3. Har Mandir Takht
    HarMandir Takht is one of the five Takhts (Holy seats of Authority) of Sikhism. The tenth and last Guru of Sikh, Guru Govind Singh was born here. The Gurudwara was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. One can experience great spirituality here. A small museum is also situated in Gurudwara. It is located in Patna City area, where traffic can be a problem.
  4. Kumhrar Park
    Kumhrar Park is the place where the Mauryan era 80-Pillared Hall (3rd Cent BC) and Dhanvantari's Arogyavihar (4-5th Cent AD) has been excavated. Though the excavated hall is now covered with sand, yet one of its pillar has been put on display. One can wonder at the marvel with which this pillar is built. A small museum in the park display the excavated objects and there are lot of pictures related to excavation and history of Pataliputra. A beautiful park stands today at the place. This is an ASI protected monument.
  5. M V Ganga Vihar
    This is a boat trip on Ganga which starts from Gandhi Ghat and go till Gai Ghat, passing underneath the giant beams of Gandhi Setu at one point. The trip which starts in evening provides a wonderful view of banks of Patna. The cool breeze and sunset adds to the enjoyment. On weekend, special Aarti is undertaken by BSTDC at the Gandhi Ghat.
  6. Pind Balluchi Restaurant
    The restaurant is good from eating perspective. However, what gives its distinctive advantage is the wonderful view of the Gandhi Maidan and adjoining areas from the revolving platform of the restaurant. It is situated on the top floor of Biscoman Bhavan, the tallest building in Patna, which provides a greater view of the City. Enjoy the city view while having food.
  7. Hathua Market
    This market is famous for clothes, especially visited by the ladies. However, what differs it from others is the chaos and traffic that characterize the market. Shops, hawkers, rickshaws, autos and innumerable number of people tests one's patience while marketing. Bargaining is widespread, and so does the pick-pocketing. Nevertheless, it happens to be the most preferred market of the city. Enjoy the marketing with precaution and patience.
  8. Gandhi Maidan
    There is nothing extraordinary about the ground, except that it is really big and has historic background. Though haphazard and ill-maintained, it has its own charm. One can find the World's largest statue of Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi in one of the corner. Gandhi Maidan has several places in close vicinity where one can visit, like Golghar, Gandhi Sangrahalaya, Kargil Memorial, Science Center, Pir Ali Park, Christ Church, River Ganges etc. One can do handicraft marketing in the North Gandhi Maidan, purchase second-hand books and pirated books in East side, catch some movie in Mona multiplex or Regent Cinema, and enjoy theater and drama in Kalidas Rangalaya. If lucky, one can enjoy the fest, exhibition or mart in Gandhi Maidan itself, which keeps happening throughout the year.
  9. Maurya Lok Marketing Complex
    The complex in located in the very heart of the City, near Dak Bunglow. One can do marketing or just enjoy its famous evening snacks like Chawmeen, Golgappe, Samosa etc.  It has some good restaurants where one can enjoy food.
  10. Buddha Smriti Park
    Situated near the Patna Junction, this park is dedicated to Lord Buddha. One can find peace from the chaos of the Station area. It has a beautiful park with a high rising Stupa in the center. If time permit, one can visit Mahavir Mandir nearby.


Those that almost made it to the list :