Kamaldah Jain Temple

Kamaldah Jain Temple

The ancient Jain temple complex is situated near Gulzarbagh railway station. It is considered to be oldest Jain complex in Patna. The temple is dedicated to the famous Jain saint Sundarshan Swami. The temple is known as Shri Shresthi Sundarshan temple or popularly Kamaldah Ji. There is mausoleum of Jain saint Sthulabhadra. The small shrine contains the foot print of the saint, with Sthulibhadra Charnam written on it in Devanagari script. Michael Wood of BBC in his documentary on India 'The Story of India' has related the place to the time of Chandragupta Maurya of the Mauryan dynasty. There is an inscription which gives details of construction of the temple. As per it, the temple is roughly 200-years old. The Shitala Mata temple(Agam Kuan) lies west to the Jain shrine.

There are two group of Jain temple separated by Gulzarbagh railway station. The first group is situated on the main road of Gulzarbagh railway station, named as Sri Digambar Jain Kamaldah Ji Siddha-Kshetra. Here in a small temple, the black statue of Lord Neminath is located. The visiting hour is in evening. This temple and the complex is of recent origin.

The main Kamaldah Jain temple lies on the other side of the Gulzarbagh railway station. It comprises two temples. One of the temple is situated on a mound while other is on the plain (see above photo). The temple on mound is named as Shri Sthulbhadra Sadhana Sthal (Meditation Centre), while temple on the plain is named as Shri Shreshthi Sudarshan Mandir. The whole area is isolated and presents a village look with agricultural fields all around. The temple complex is spread in an area of 5.04 acres. It is being maintained by Patna Group of Jain Svetambhar Temples Committee.

How to reach : The first group of temple is easily reachable as it is situated beside the main road. However, reaching the ancient group temple is bit difficult as there is no concrete road. However, one can reach here by crossing the Gulzarbagh railway station. Not many people are aware of this complex. So, it is advised to visit the main road temple first, and ask for direction from the authorities there.

Distance :

Patna Junction : 6-7 km

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