Maurya Lok Marketing Complex, Patna

Maurya Lok Marketing Complex

Maurya Lok Marketing Complex is the oldest and most famous marketing place in Patna. It is situated near the Dak Bunglow roundabout on the Bailey Road. The complex is owned and maintained by Patna Municipal corporation. The entire complex houses more than 500 shops and about 10 offices belonging to Central and State governments. The complex is divided into five blocks. The complex was opened on February 29, 1984 amid much fun-fare. However, the current negligence in the maintenance of the complex has adversely affected its once pride, nevertheless it still remains the most sought after shopping complex in Patna (Markets in Patna). The complex has shops belonging to eateries, clothes, studios, showrooms, boutiques, jewelers and many other items. There are lot of food stalls and vendors near the entrance gates where a lot of local varieties are available. One can enjoy the local flavors like Litti-chokha, Puri-Kacahuri, Jalebi, Samosa and others like Panipuris, Chowmeens, Bhel-puri, Batata-puri etc. The complex also houses the well known restaurants - Basant Vihar and Kaveri. However, what is strikingly missing is the presence of modern food-outlets like Domino's, McDonalds, KFC etc. in the complex. The government offices in the complex includes that of HUDCO, NABARD, SBI, Dena Bank, Passport Office, BICICO etc. A statue of Swami Vivekanand is present in the center of the complex.

The complex has off lately fallen into negligence. Roads inside the complex are full of pot-holes, garbage lie everywhere, poor lighting, badly maintained lifts, and poor sanitation has become order of the day. Lack of sufficient parking space and encroachment over the years has further aggravated the issue. The government has drawn ambitious plan to renovate the complex and add many new facilities to it. The renovation work is to be taken up by Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation (BUIDCO) at an estimated cost of approximately 70 crore rupees. Patna High Court has taken cognizance of the issue and has directed the authorities to undertake the work at the earliest. The work includes constructing underground parking beneath Swami Vivekanand Park, extensive repairing of floors and exteriors, electrical wiring replacements, three more floors over the existing structure, urinals etc.